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Updated 8/11/20 11:25 am

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a Canvas Sandbox to start building my Fall Canvas course?

Yes, every instructor is provided an extra Canvas course, called a Sandbox. When you log into Canvas, look for it on your Dashboard. Typically the Sandbox is used to explore and experiment with Canvas. You can request an additional Sandbox to plan and build your Fall course using the Canvas Special Shell request form.

Later, you can transfer the content of your Sandbox to your live Fall course. Consult the Importing and Migrating Courses page for more information.

What if my fall course is not yet available in Canvas? How can I start building my course?

Please confirm the intended course you will be assigned for Fall with your department. This is to ensure you are planning appropriately. While you wait, please consider building your course in a Canvas Sandbox. You can request a new Sandbox to plan and build your Fall course using the Canvas Special Shell request form.

Later, you can transfer the content of your Sandbox to your live Fall course. Consult the Importing and Migrating Courses page for more information.

NOTE: The Sandbox should only be used for designing and building the course. Please do not enroll students in your sandbox.

What if I don't have Canvas account access yet?

If you are a returning lecturer without access, or if you are BRAND NEW Cal State LA instructor, please reach out to your department and see if they can help you activate (or reactivate) your account. If however, you think you won’t get access to our Canvas environment until later this summer, you can always create a free Canvas account outside of our Canvas instance. Start building in your free Canvas account, and then import in the pieces when you get access to the Cal State LA Canvas instance. The CETL Alt-Instruction course template is still available through Canvas Commons, even in the free Canvas account. Simply select Commons, after you’ve registered and search Alt-Instruction. You should see an image like the one below:

I just took a self-paced workshop and submitted my assignment. Why is it not showing up in the Alt-Instruction Canvas course?

For self-paced workshops where you submit an assignment, allow 3 business days for CETL staff to review and mark the assignment complete. If it is past 3 business days or you are unsure about your assignment submission, please contact us in our virtual support room or email [email protected]

How can I participate in the Alt-Instruction Summer Institute?

Click here for information on the Alt-Instruction Summer Institute. 

How do I make my Canvas Course visible?

Click here for information on making your Canvas course visible.

My students cannot see my course content. What do I do now?

Click here for information on making content available to students, making sure that each activity in the module has also been Publish

What has changed with the Canvas Text Editor?

Canvas has updated the Rich Content Editor to the "New Rich Content Editor." Check out the latest Canvas News. Also, we have a guides and a New Rich Content Editor FAQ page here.

How do I give students extra time on a Canvas quiz?

Once you publish a quiz, click here for how to give students (e.g., OSD accommodation) extra time on your quiz.

How can I move content from one course to another in Canvas?

Click here for instructions on copying course content from one Canvas shell to another.

How do I use Zoom breakout rooms?

Click here for information on managing Zoom breakout rooms.

How do I use a Zoom Virtual Background?

Click here for help on how to use a Virtual Background in Zoom.


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  • CETL will be closed from 9:00 - 12:00 on August 20th. CETL will be attending the fall 2020 University Convocation

Enter the"Drop In" Virtual Support Room during open hours.
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To access support by phone, please call:
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Telephone support is NOT AVAILABLE at this time. 

For assistance, please use the Virtual Support Drop In Support or send an email to [email protected] 

Walk-in Lab Support - Not currently available

CLOSED beginning Friday, March 13 at 1:00 pm and will remain closed until further notice.

As of March 17: The campus is currently limited to essential staff only. Most services, including the University Library, are closed.

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