Canvas Updates

Canvas Release Schedule

Canvas updates in place. There are no major releases, features are added as they are available and improvements are released as they are completed. Releases and deploys will be separate events. A deploy means making code available in a specific environment; code may or may not be visible. A release represents a scheduled event when code is intended to be visible.

  • Releases contain changes that affect user workflows for any Canvas-related product, including API/SIS integration adjustments.
  • Deploys contain non-customer-affecting code changes intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features.


Releases and deploys will take place on the following timelines:

  • Feature releases in the production environment take place on the third Saturday of every month, beginning August 17
  • A preview of the following month’s release will be available in the beta environment the same day as the production release, beginning August 17
  • Deploys of the main Canvas codebase to the production environment take place every other Wednesday, and beta deploys take place every other Thursday, beginning July 31 and August 1, respectively


If you are interested in following the release cycle, you can subscribe to that calendar.

Cal State LA's Canvas Changes

These changes are specific to Cal State LA and Canvas.

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Previous Canvas Release Notes can be found in their Canvas Release Feature Archive.

Canvas Bug Fixes Deploy Notes

Currently the best way of looking at these deploy notes is to monitor Canvas's deploy notes page.