Audio and Video

Ensuring Accessibility of Audio

When providing an audio clip, also include a full text-based transcript of the recording. 

Ensuring Accessibility of Video

Checking Online Video for Captions

Check to see whether a video has captions and that they are appropriate for instruction. Here is a brief checklist you can use:

  • Is there a “CC” option available?
    • This indicates that there is at least one caption track available.
  • Is there a cog/gear (wheel) option with multiple captions tracks available?
    • Auto-generated captions without editing for accuracy may not be appropriate for instruction.
    • If the track states the language only, such as “English,” then it is likely a human-edited caption track and more accurate.
  • Do the captions have punctuation, correct spelling, and are they timed correctly?
    • This is an indicator that the captions are accurate and appropriate for instruction.
  • For more information about using YouTube to host and caption video, please see the YouTube Video Guide.

Captioning Instructor Created Video

How do I enable automatic captions in Canvas Studio?