Adding Video to Canvas

Here are ways to share and add video to Canvas.

Before you do so and your course goes live, please:

  • Double-check whether your links to online videos are working properly.
  • Confirm whether your videos are closed captioned to help meet accessibility requirements.

Embedding an Online Video (Youtube)


A Youtube video can be embedded anywhere in Canvas that has the Rich Content Editor (RCE) available. Copying and pasting the Youtube video "Share" link into the RCE and pressing the Enter key (PC) or Return key (Mac) will embed the video.
How do I embed a youtube video?

Other Video Platforms

Other online videos have a "Share" option that will allow for the video to either be embedded or linked to. This option is available when a "Share" label or "Arrow" icon is displayed on the video. Embed code will be available to copy and paste into a Canvas Page using the HTML editor option of the Rich Content Editor (RCE).
How do I embed a video to a Canvas Page?

Adding Instructor Created Videos to Canvas

Video files can be uploaded to Canvas Studio. Canvas Studio is a video and audio repository found in Canvas that allows for student and faculty collaboration. Canvas Studio has a video captioning feature that can easily add captions to your video. A Canvas Studio video can be embedded anywhere in Canvas that has the Rich Content Editor (RCE) available once captioning has been added. 

Note: Because Panopto is a more reliable and capable video communication platform, Canvas Studio will be gradually phased out and replaced by Panopto. Instructors should start to use Panopto in place of Canvas Studio for the recording and hosting of video.

Please visit our guide on Migrating Canvas Studio Videos to Panopto for more information.

If you have created a video from a Zoom recording, Camtasia, narrated PowerPoints, or from your phone/tablet, you can add that video to Canvas studio.
How do I add content to Canvas Studio?

You can use Canvas Studio to create videos for your course.
How do I record a Canvas Studio video with a webcam for my course?
How do I record a Canvas Studio screen capture video for my course?

After recording or uploading a video, be sure to add it to your course in a module or by embedding on a page.
How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course?
How do I add Canvas Studio media as an external tool module item?

Ensuring Accessibility of Video

Checking Online Video for Captions

Check to see whether a video has captions and that they are appropriate for instruction. Here is a brief checklist you can use:

  • Is there a “CC” option available?
    • This indicates that there is at least one caption track available.
  • Is there a cog/gear (wheel) option with multiple captions tracks available?
    • Auto-generated captions without editing for accuracy may not be appropriate for instruction.
    • If the track states the language only, such as “English,” then it is likely a human-edited caption track and more accurate.
  • Do the captions have punctuation, correct spelling, and are they timed correctly?
    • This is an indicator that the captions are accurate and appropriate for instruction.

Captioning Instructor Created Video

How do I enable automatic captions in Canvas Studio?