Roadmaps to Graduation (Quarter)

Roadmaps to Graduation

(How You Should Schedule Your Courses)

The "Graduation Roadmaps" are suggested course plans by major and option to facilitate timely graduation of students. These roadmaps are easy-to-follow guides with built-in sequences of course work needed for the degree. You should select the plan that best suits you. The attached "Course Schedules" cover attempted course offerings by the Department for the next two years, quarter by quarter. You may find from these schedules the information for the day and time of the courses you intend to take based on the roadmap you select.


In general, Finance and Real Estate students should take their major courses as quickly as possible (without overloading), to be competitive for internships and job market interviews. Don't delay these courses; you need to know Finance to be competitive for internships and interviews. See the recommended schedules below.



  Finance  Pre-Legal Real Estate
Full Time Transfers

Full Time Transfer Finance Option

  Full Time Pre-Legal Option

 Full Time Real Estate Option

Part Time Transfers

Part Time Finance Option

 Part Time Pre-Legal Option

 Part Time Real Estate Option


4-Year Plan Finance Option

   4-Year Plan Pre- Legal Option

 4-Year Plan Real Estate Option