Certificate Programs

*** Please contact the Department Chair Dr. Jong Yi for more details.***

No program application is necessary. Students may begin their courses now and apply for the certificate in the last semester of completion. Take the required courses through Open University by filling out the Open University Registration Form, which is available in the College of Professional and Global Education located in the University Student Union, Room 105, or online. To receive your certificate, follow the procedures stated on the University Graduation office webpage and click on certificates. (Note: submit the completed application along with your unofficial transcripts to the Department of Finance, Law & Real Estate, at Simpson Tower 917 for approval.)

Certificate in Finance

The Certificate in Finance prepares individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in another field for entry into careers in financial advisory, corporate finance, money management, and commercial and investment banking.  It is designed for career conversion (current Cal State LA bachelor's degree students should do a minor in finance).  The certificate will require 15-semester units (five courses) - equivalent to a minor (see worksheet below). Students may begin their courses now and apply for the certificate in the last semester of completion.

Certificate Program in Finance Worksheet


Certificate in Real Estate

The Certificate in Real Estate program at Cal State LA is designed to prepare individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than real estate at Cal State LA or other accredited universities for entry into a variety of real estate careers, including sales, investment, management, and mortgage banking. It meets the course requirements for the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam while meeting partial requirements for the Broker Exam. (The broker Exam requires eight courses.) If you have not earned a bachelor's degree from any university, you can still take the courses. However, the Certificate in Real Estate will be issued after you have earned a bachelor's degree.

A total of 12 units will be required for the completion of this certificate program. This program can be completed without any additional prerequisites; however, FIN 3810 (Real Estate Law) has FIN 2050 (Business Law) as a prerequisite. Upon completing course requirements and with a bachelor's degree from any field, students will be awarded a Certificate in Real Estate. FIN 2050 (Business Law) and its equivalents can be taken at the community colleges with a passing grade. You are not required to take FIN 2050 (Business Law) at Cal State LA. One junior/senior-level course may be credited toward the certificate from another accredited university. 100 or 200 level or community college real estate courses are not accepted. California DRE wants to see at least four (4) real estate courses and a bachelor's degree to fulfill the program requirements.

Certificate Program in Real Estate Worksheet