Center for Entreprenurship and Innovation

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an organization open to all students, alumni and faculty at CalState LA. We believe in the power of ideas and we provide a place where great ideas, and the people who conceive them, can thrive. The Center acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurial growth by providing resources, training, mentorship, and pathways to capital for students, faculty, and alumni.

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Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Housed in the College of Business and Economics at California State University, Los Angeles, the Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CLSCM) was established in May 2016 to embrace opportunities and challenges in this fast developing field. By delivering state-of-the-art knowledge in logistics and supply chain management to students, business practitioners, and community stakeholders, CLSCM aims to serve as a ready source that provides inter-disciplinary and effective LSCM solutions in the Los Angeles metro area.

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Cal State LA Asian Pacific Business Institute

Asian Pacific Business Institute

The Asian Pacific Business Institute, established in September 1995, aims to support and foster cooperative relationships between the college of Business and Economics and local business organizations. One of the most significant economic developments since the early 1980s is the growing importance of Asian economies and the increased economic interdependence among Asian and Latin American business which have created many business and economic opportunities. Therefore, the institute seeks to provide significant support for both the business community and the University to identify, exploit, and benefit from those opportunities.

The institute provides a wide range of expertise, services, and information to serve a wide range of audiences that includes students, faculty, scholars, professionals, and the local business community. Its activities can help advance the University's educational and public service missions, contribute to economic developments in Los Angeles, and promote understanding and interaction among people from diverse parts of the world.

By coupling its concentration on the business aspect of the Asian Pacific region with the business expertise of its members, the institute conducts research projects, publishes articles, presents training programs for Asian Pacific region executives, conducts seminars and field trips to American companies for Chinese business managers and government officials, and helps Chinese companies promote their products and purchase industrial equipment in the U.S. Various legal services are provided to American subsidiaries of Chinese firms, as well.

Its focus on faculty and student involvement includes collecting and disseminating information about research and consulting opportunities in Asian Pacific countries, organizing and arranging faculty and student exchanges with academic institutions in Asian Pacific countries, and developing and organizing internship programs for business students that can expand their career and job opportunities.

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