Community Engagement

The College of Business and Economics is committed to community engagement to have a meaningful societal impact that goes beyond the boundaries of Greater Los Angeles. Through student-led course projects, research collaborations, and other initiatives, we empower our students with the resources and skills necessary to assume leadership positions, contribute to sustainable development, and make a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

Student Voices

comunity engagement Headshot

"Through Dr. Upadhyaya’s guidance and support, our Community-Based Social Marketing course allowed us to examine major community issues and reflect on their importance. I explored my community in a way I had not previously done to get a closer look at the issues at hand. Throughout the course of days, I noted several focus points I could review for my project. Something I once saw and never questioned now turned into a question of “Has the city presented a plan to solve the problem?” and “How could I aid in finding a solution?” The community engagement projects encouraged new and effective ways to combat issues as they often resulted from an event we had never experienced, a global pandemic. My experience further assured the importance of leading change and involvement within one’s community. Today, I strive to make meaningful contributions to my community and its students by advocating for positive change."