Undergraduate Programs

Below are the requirements for each degree offered by our department. Please contact the Department Chair Dr. Jong Yi for more details.

Undergraduate Degree Options


A total of 120 units is required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with the Business Arts - Prelegal, Finance and Real Estate Option. The BSBA degree with any of these options requires completion of 66 units in the major. Students should take their finance courses as early as possible to prepare themselves for internship and job market interviews. Do not delay your finance courses until completing core requirements. Consult with an adviser for the specific number of units required in all areas of the degree including GE and free electives.

Business Arts-Pre-Legal

This option enables students to prepare for legal careers by combining business and humanities courses. The objective of this option is to combine a general business education with option electives that suit individual requirements. Option electives may be chosen in the humanities and often include reading and writing skills that are important for postgraduate study of law.

Real Estate

This option prepares students for careers in real estate, and for real estate licensing examinations. It also prepares students for further study of real estate at the postgraduate level. Students should take their real estate courses as early as possible to facilitate their job.

The Minor in Real-Estate is for non-Real Estate majors, positions them for a broad variety of real estate careers, and is structured so to meet the requirements to sit for the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam. The Minor requires the completion of 15-semester units, and has no prerequisites, though an additional course in corporate accounting may be required if one wishes to take Real Estate Finance. (All courses must be completed before completing major degree requirements)

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