Annual Accountability Reporting

Annual Accountability Reporting

Annual Accountability Overview

student in library The University has become the premier public comprehensive university in the heart of Los Angeles. We have produced nationally and internationally recognized leaders in fields that include business and industry, visual and performing arts, athletics, science and technology, government, and higher education. At Cal State LA, we are pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities for discovery and innovation. Here you will find highlights of the contributions each division has made in serving our students, faculty, staff, and the campus community.


The President's area consists of the Office of the President, Athletics, and the Luckman Fine Arts Complex. The Office of the President is responsible for the fullfillment of the vision and academic mission of the University, working collaboratively with units across the University. The Luckman Fine Arts Complex mission is to serve its diverse community by presenting professional arts events that expose the campus and surrounding communities to unique artistic expressions which increase appreciation, understanding, and ultimately acceptance of diverse cultures.

For Engagement, Service and the Public Good, Cal State LA and the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angles have partnered to introduce a higher education pathway program known as "Achieve LA." This initiative will leverage existing Cradle to Career Success Initiative programs that inform youth about the college admissions process and prepares them to enroll at a university.

In regard to a Welcoming and Inclusive Campus, Cal State LA developed partnerships that will enhance the University and contribute significantly to student and community life.

Professor Academic Affairs is responsible for the development of distinctive academic programs and delivery of instruction to Cal State LA students through the University Library and eight colleges: College of Arts & Letters; College of Business and Economics; Professor Charter College of Education, College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology; Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services; College of Natural and Social Sciences; College of Professional and Global Education; and the Honors College.

Engagement, Service, and the Public Good: In the past academic year, over 13,000 Cal State LA students enrolled in courses with a civic learning component.

Student Success: We focused on five broad areas for targeted interventions to improve our graduation rates, which have significant overlap with the campus’s strategic plan priority areas of Improving Advisement and Student Support, Engaged Teaching and Learning, Student Life and Sense of Belonging, and Curriculum Structure and Degree Flexibility. We welcome you to learn more about the Division of Academic Affairs.

IT staff ITS has provided students, faculty, and staff with anywhere, anytime electronic access to information resources in support of the teaching/learning mission of the University as well as ensuring that information security remains an institutional priority.

For the Engagement, Service, and the Public Good, ITS ensures that our official website is accessible to the public, prospective students, students, faculty and staff.

ITS is committed to making the University a Welcoming and Inclusive Campus network and telecommunications services by providing wired connectivity, wireless technology, software upgrades, administration, back-up, recovery, and continuous monitoring of central and department servers. In addition, ITS provides an information security program that preserves the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the University's system infrastructure.

ITS contributes to the Academic Distinction of Cal State LA by offering 24/7 staffed open access labs within the CSU institutions.

students outside The departments that are supported by General Fund in the Division of Student Life include: the Office of the Vice President for Student Life (VPSL), Dean of Students (DOS), Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD), New Student and Parent Programs (NSPP), and the Career Development Center (CDC).

For the Engagement, Service, and the Public Good, the Student Life Division has expanded student networking and mentoring opportunities, strengthened community outreach partnerships and internships, and increased collaboration with universities, alumni, and communities of the greater Los Angeles area.

Student Life is committed to making the campus a Welcoming and Inclusive environment by ensuring equal opportunity and supporting students with disabilities, transfer students, and undocumented students.

For Academic Distinction, Student Life provides assistive programs such as tutoring, graduate school panel, and peer mentoring.

Campus Buildings The Division of Administration and Finance strategically manages the University’s broad portfolio of financial, administrative, and business support services to ensure that the Cal State LA campus runs efficiently and effectively. Administration and Finance advances the University's mission and strategic initiatives through sound financial planning and management, enriching and nurturing a student-centric environment through impactful student services and campus programs, cultivating entrepreneurial/enterprising business opportunities, promoting excellence through innovative human resource and workplace effectiveness programs to meet changing workforce, safeguarding and protecting our campus community, promoting environmental sustainability, and preserving and building 21st century infrastructure through administration of university facilities design and construction.

Administration and Finance fulfills Academic Distinction by cultivating a positive environment that fosters the success of our students, faculty, staff and the University through sound financial, budget and business functions.

University Advancement further enhances fundraising and alumni outreach initiatives as outlined in the “WE ARE LA: The Campaign for Cal State LA”, while increasing its publications and social media presence to raise additional philanthropic support for the University.

We Are LA

Annual Accountability Reports

Accountability and Performance

Graduating Students Cal State LA is committed to providing transparency on the important work we do in support of student success. The Annual Reporting webpage serves to provide the campus community with information on the progress and performance of its campus operations.

A requirement of the new budget model is for each executive division to prepare the annual accountability report. The annual reporting requirement provides an opportunity for each division to highlight performance targets, assessment metrics, financial information, notable operational success, and challenges toward achieving its unique goals. You are welcome to view the history of the annual budgets.

Financial Summary

The campus budget and fiscal strategy was designed to support engaged teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and public service. During the 2021-22 fiscal year, the University operated on a $247 million General Fund operating budget that supported campus operations across different executive areas, as shown below.

2021-22 Campus Operating Fund Budget by Division

2021-22 Campus Operating Fund Budget Graph

In addition to the Campus Operating Fund, the University operates on other state and campus fee resources. The fees support program initiatives that strengthened academic advisement, enriched student learning, fostered community engagement, and expanded access to critical technology infrastructure and software. These initiatives support student success, student engagement, and pathways toward graduation.

2021-22 Other Funds Budget

2021-22 Other Funds Graph