Budget Oversight

Budget Oversight

California State University, Los Angeles is strongly committed to fiscal responsibility over all funds appropriated to and/or deposited within our campus.

The Chancellor’s Office budget oversight policy and the University’s fiscal responsibility and administrative procedures, as outlined below, serve as the overarching policy and procedures governing budget oversight at Cal State LA.

As part of our commitment to accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility, the campus conducts several university-wide budget to actuals review annually, which include a three-month, mid-year, nine-month, as well as year-end closing review. The financial assessment includes formal meetings with vice presidents, associate vice presidents, deans, campus chief financial officer, director of budget administration, and budget analysts. At the financial assessment meetings, we review budgets to actuals to assess the financial health of the divisions and departments to identify issues, concerns, and opportunities that impacts the operating units.

Campus Budget Oversight Presentation

Campus Budget Oversite