Faculty and Staff


Fine Arts Building Room 332
Phone: (323) 343-4010 | Fax: (323) 343-4045 
[email protected]
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm

Jimmy Moss Department Chair/Professor of Design
Phone/Ext: (323) 343-4010
[email protected] 

Heidi Partida Department Coordinator 
Phone/Ext: (323) 343-4012 
[email protected]

Vacant Administrative Support Assistant II 
Phone/Ext: (323) 343-4011 


D. Hill Photography Lab Technician
Phone/Ext: (323) 343-4050
[email protected]

Sean Kelly Tool Crib Manager
Phone/Ext: (323) 343-4039
[email protected]


Amir Arzanian, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  
Rafael G. Duffie, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Sam Gurry, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Audrey Hector, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Jim Ovelmen, Professor, FA 227 (323) 343-4033 | email | more | CV
Danski Tang, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Josh Tuthill, Assistant Professor, FA 353 (323) 343-4010 | email | more
Shelly “Trixy” Wattenbarger, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>; 
Blake Young, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Zachary Zezima, Associate Professor, FA 357 (323) 343-4021email | more | CV

Art Education
Allison L Aziz, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Mika Cho, Professor, FA 322 (323) 343-4022/4040 | email | more | CV
Dustin Garnet, Associate Professor, FA 354 (323) 343-4024email | more | CV
Carol Reynolds, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;

Art History
Lori Rusch, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Manuel Aguilar, Professor, FA 228 (323) 343-4054 | email | CV
Marjan Asgari,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  
Julian Nykolak, Assistant Professor, FA 259 (323) 343-4035 | email | CV

Castillo, Pilar <[email protected]>;
Cheung, Leona <[email protected]>; 
Corcoran, Colleen M <[email protected]>;
Duckworth, Noami <[email protected]>;
Engvig, Hakon <[email protected]>;
Eruhimovitz, Victoria <[email protected]>;
Harris-Fuentes, Ricardo <[email protected]>;
Solis, Benito <[email protected]>;
Zou, Carol  <[email protected]>;

Fashion, Fiber and Materials
Rebecca Davis, Professor, FA 257 (323) 343-4030 | email | CV
Carole Frances Lung, Professor, FA 256 (323) 343-4029 | email | more | CV

Adriana Rivera-Garcia, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   
Haydee V. Jimenez,Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Carole Frances Lung, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;  
Bobette Stott, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Phoebe Takeda, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;  


Graphic Design/Visual Communication

Aisha Alkinaey,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>; 
Lynne Berman,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Pilar Castillo,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Evan Chang,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Leona Cheung, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>; 
Colleen M. Corcoran,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Noami Duckworth,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Hakon Engvig,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Victoria Eruhimovitz,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Robert Gonzales,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Barbra Kosoff, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Karin Lanzoni,  Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Becca Lofchie, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Perez Morin, Christian , Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Jimmy Moss, Professor, Department Chair, FA 332 (323) 343-4010 | email | CV
Joe Potts, Assistant Professor, FA 358 (323) 343-4010 | email
Adriana Rivera-Garcia, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   
Anika Sarin, Assistant Professor, FA 353 (323) 343-4010 | email 
Bill Teitelbaum, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Lorna Turner, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>; 
Zachary Vernon, Associate Professor, FA 329 (323) 343-4027 | email | more | CV
Janine Vigus, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Carol Zou, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;

Studio Arts

Tetsuji Aono, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Alexandra Cao Ying, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Cole Case, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Victoria Eruhimovitz, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Isai Favela, , Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Ricardo Harris-Fuentes, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Phung Huynh, Assistant Professor, FA 355 (323) 343-4010 | email
Terence, Kelly, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Karin Lanzoni, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Diana Madriaga, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Robert Martin, Professor, FA 256 (323) 343-4012 | email | more
Joey Morris, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Danny Munoz, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Brian Olson, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;
Jackie Rines, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  [email protected]  
Oli Rodriguez, Associate Professor, FA 328 (323) 343-4028 | email | more
Amy Santoferraro, Assistant Professor, FA 358 (323) 343-4010 | email
Scott F. Schafer, Lecturer, FA XXX | email  <[email protected]>;  
Arie Vazquez, Lecturer, FA XXX | email   <[email protected]>;
Richard Wearn, Professor, FA 356 (323) 343-4020 | email | more



Barbara A.Boyer (Art Education)
Elizabeth Bryant (Studio Arts) 
Jack Butler (Studio Arts)
Abbas Daneshvari (Art History)
Dan Douke (Studio Arts)
John Funakura (Design)
Carol Jeffers (Art Education)
Tony Longson (Design) 
Joe Soldate (Studio Arts)
Carol Tuntland (Fashion, Fiber and Materials)
Michael Henderson (Design)
Connie Utterback (Design)
Tim Ebner (Studio Arts)


Previous Lecturers 

Ralph Acosta (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Rebekah Albrecht (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Natalie Arribeno (Fashion, Fiber and Materials)
Colin Barton (Animation)
Javier Barboza (Animation)
Cindy Bernard (Core)
Leslie Bilderback (Art History)
Khara Cloutier (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Adam Feldmeth (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Melissa Ferrari (Animation)
Seth Ferris (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Ella Gold (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Abel Guzman (Studio Arts)
Zelda Harrison (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Robby Herbst (Core)
Christina Huang (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Miranda Javid (Animation)
David Karwan (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
AR Keiner (Studio Arts)
Sean Kelly (Studio Arts)
Rachel Kinnard (Fashion, Fiber and Materials)
Ian Laurelin Evenstar (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Armando_Martinez-Celis (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Paul Mendoza (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Jenny Nigrends (Animation)
Hrant Papazian (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Julian Petschek (Animation)
Jonah Primiano (Animation)
Jennifer Rubin (Fashion, Fiber and Materials)
Howard Schneider (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Nate Schulman (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Maece Seirafi (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Hector Torres (Graphic Design/Visual Communication)
Jordan Wong (Animation)
Jemima Wyman (Fashion, Fiber and Materials)