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  • students are working, Art and Motion class.
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  • students are working on the project.
  • Students are working on the project.
  • students are working on the project.
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  • Animation Prep by students
  • Animation Prep by students
  • Stop motion lab FA 316

The Animation Option provides a thorough education in the creative, practical and historical uses of animation. The option encourages an experimental approach to animation that combines traditional and contemporary techniques.

The aim of the animation option is to bring out the artist in the animator, by giving students critical and creative goals. Our faculty and curriculum maintains that animation is, essentially, an art form and medium of personal expression. What makes our program inherently unique at CSULA is the fact that animation is housed in the Art Department. The foundations of painting, drawing, color composition, hands-on form making, historical art and animation theory, are as important and digital and cinematic effects at completing animation projects. Students take art courses that strengthen their observational, manual, and critical practices in art and expression, and combine with analog or digital to eventually complete a capstone animation project, that is the culmination of their journey through the Art department.

CSULA animation is extremely unique in comparison to other state university programs. Experimentation and abstraction of the animated form is just as emphasized as narrative or traditional storytelling. Animation is extolled entirely as an art form in and of itself, not just a medium for entertainment.  We encourage a bold new use of animation to connect to adult audiences that are critical and sophisticated, as well as farcical and humorous. Our program is an entirely unique and contemporary rethinking of a secondary animation education. The outcome a student exiting this program makes them worldly, critical, and savvy as to the cultural and practical uses of animation, as well as competitive and skilled in the applied industries of animation.

Animation majors can choose courses involving: stop-motion animation, digital 2D and 3d animation, computer graphics, hand-painted abstract animation, story and visualization, as well as other art and film courses that galvanize their understanding of art-making, animation production, mixed-media, narrative, and cinema.

The animation option boasts multiple platform capability in the creation and production of animated content. Having a state-of-the art facility in stop-motion animation, and the only dedicated stop-motion facility at on CSU campus, we have the most diverse and up date facility for the production of physical animation.  The opportunity to blend analog captured images, with digitally processed images put CSULA at the very forefront of diversity of animation tools.

In addition, there are two computer labs, each containing 22 iMac machines with all the digital software in 3D, 2D and digital sculpting which can achieve artistic and creative goals. We also have the ability to prototype 3D objects for sculpture and animation with high-end 3D printing technology.


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