Fashion, Fiber, and Materials

Images of fashion textiles and designs

The Fashion, Fiber and Materials Option provides students with a unique experience in the rich context of Art and Design.  Students gain an understanding of the systems of Fashion, Fiber and Materials through the multifaceted offerings in art, design, craft practice, critical theory and history.  The option encourages an experimental approach that combines traditional and contemporary techniques, preparing students for a variety of career opportunities and/or further study in the field of fashion and art. 

Adriana Rivera-Garcia, Lecturer, FA 329 | email   
Bobette Stott, Lecturer, FA 257 | email 
Carole Frances Lung, Professor, FA 256 (323) 343-4029 | email | more | CV
Haydee V. Jimenez, Lecturer, FA 257 | email 
Phoebe Takeda, Lecturer, FA 257 | email 
Rebecca Davis, Professor, FA 257 (323) 343-4030 | email | CV

Certificate in Fashion, Fiber and Materials
The Department of Art offers certificate programs in Fashion, Fiber and Materials that prepares individuals for career positions in fashion. The program includes technical methods, theory, and creative concepts. Please see the University Catalog for more complete information.