JIM OVELMEN Associate Professor, Art

Jim Ovelmen (profile image)
College of Arts and Letters
Department of Art
Fine Arts 307
Phone: 323-343-4033 Email: [email protected]

"One of my most steady concerns is how to present theatrical conditions of constructed moving and still images, against notions of social and political change, and examining relationships therein. More personally, my own imagined icons, roles, and personas accrue into a specialized bank for meditation and fantasy, in which I hope the viewer of my work will be willing to engage and perhaps enter one's own fantasy... ~not unlike entering the escapist fantasies of both painting and cinema, yet with a critical examination of what it means to be disembodied by the moving image."

Jim Ovelmen is a mixed media artist. His work often combines drawing, painting, sculpture and animation, into media projection and performance. His work continues to be shown internationally. He has exhibited his work in numerous museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Europe, Tokyo and elsewhere. Other venues include:  Japan's Aichi Triennale, Los Angeles Film Forum, Torrance Museum of Art, Fringe Festival Taipei, Guggenheim Gallery Chapman University, PØST Los Angeles, Artist Space New York, Kristine Koenig in Vienna, Chung Shan Creative Hub Taipei, Pacific Asia Museum Pasadena, and Taipei MOCA. His drawings and paintings are owned in many private collections. Ovelmen is an currently an Associate Professor of Art at CSULA.




Art378 Art&Motion

Art381 Experimental Animation

Art383 Digital Modeling




Pt.4 (Silver Spoon Regret) "Western Skies" ©Jim Ovelmen, PØST

Jim Ovelmen, some projects in brief

Pt.3 (Metastasis) "Western Skies" ©Jim Ovelmen, PØST

Pt.2 (Tel-X) "Western Skies" ©Jim Ovelmen, PØST

Pt.1 (Cretaceous) "Western Skies" ©Jim Ovelmen, PØST

"Slow Smile" documentation (edited)


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