Abbas Daneshvari

Dr. Abbas Danesvari
College of Arts and Letters
Department of Art
Office Location: FA 355
Phone: 4019 Email: [email protected]

Dr. Abbas Daneshvari

Professor of Art History
Chair, Department of Art (2009-2013)
California State University, Los Angeles


Ph.D. UCLA-Art History
M.A.  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S.   California State University, Hayward


Professor of Art History, California State University, Los Angeles (1982-Present)
Fulbright Scholar, Cairo, Egypt (1981-1982)
Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley (1979-1981)



2017         Abbas Daneshvari, editor, Essays on Contemporary Iranian Photography, Mazda, Costa Mesa.

2016         Abbas Daneshvari, The Sculptures of Parviz Tanavoli, M. Publishers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 2016.

2014       Abbas Daneshvari, Amazingly Original: Contemporary Iranian Art at Crossroads, New Art, Mazda Publishers.

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2006       Abbas Daneshvari,  editor,  A Survey of Persian Art, vol. XVII, Ashiya  Publishers/Mazda.                                                                                         

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1982        Abbas Daneshvari, editor. Essays in Islamic Art and Architecture in Honor of   Professor Katharina Otto-Dorn. Undena Publications.    

BOOKS FORTHCOMING (completed manuscripts submitted to publishers):

2017         Abbas Daneshvari, Transformations in the Image of the Shepherd Sun-King in Early Islamic Art, forthcoming, University of Edinburgh Press.


2015         Sabzi

2011         Abbas Daneshvari, “The Continuum,” Catalogue Essay for Luis Bermudez’s Exhibition of Myth, Place and Identity, At the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai. Ojai, November 20th, 2010- January 16th, 2011.

2011         Abbas Daneshvari, “The End of Purity,” Catalogue Essay for  Mahmood Sabzi’s Exhibition of The End of Purity at Tarrahan Azad Gallery, Tehran, September of 2011. Reprinted in Art Tomorrow, V. 6, Winter of 2012.

2011,       Abbas Daneshvari,The Pales and Forts of Mystery,” Catalogue Essay for Sadegh Tirafkan’s Exhibition of 0611, at  the  Etemad Gallery. Dubai, Nov. 2011.

2011        Abbas Daneshvari, “Always in Our Thoughts,” Catalogue Essay for Sadegh Tirafkan’s Always in Our Thoughts at the Los Angeles County’s Museum of Art’s Exhibition of The Gift of Sultans. Also available at

2011       Abbas Daneshvari,  “The Triumph of Dance,” Catalogue Essay for Setareh Feylizadeh Exhibition of Setareh’s Retrospective at Dehli’s New Gallery, Dehli, India.

2002       Cecilia Miguez

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1998       Abbas Daneshvari      Hessam Abrishami: A Retrospective, Collectors Editions.

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1985      Abbas Daneshvari      The David Nellis Collection, Loma Linda University.

1977      Abbas Daneshvari      Islamic Art at the Malone Gallery, Loyola Marymount University


2017         Abbas Daneshvari, “The Iconography of the Chahr-Taq in Medieval Islamic Archtecture,” edited by Rober Hillenbrand, University of Edinburgh Press, forthcoming.

2016        Abbas Daneshvari,  “Altruism and the Art of Koorosh Shishegaran” edited H. Keshmirsekan, Saqi Publishers, London.

2015        Abbas Daneshvari, “Metaphor and Allegory in Tanavoli’s Art: The Artist as the Unifying Principle in a Fragmented Universe,” The Art of Tanavoli, Dubai, 2016.

2014       Abbas Daneshvari, “Deconstruction and the Contemporary Arts of Iran,” in Regional vis-à-vis Global Discourses, Contemporary Art from the Middle East, Proceedings of a Conference at School of Orientl and African Studies, University of London, July 2013, edited by Hamid Keshmirshekan, I. B. Tauris, London, 2014.

2014       Abbas Daneshvari, “Gardens of Iran and Iraq in the Ninth and the Tenth Centuries,”   Festschrift in Honour of Shahryar Adle, Forthcoming.

2014       Abbas Daneshvari, “Joseph Beuys and Nietzsche’s Overman,” submitted to Colloquim on Modernism,  , held at California State University, Los Angeles, 2015.

2011      Abbas Daneshvari, “Parviz Tanavoli: Of Existential Purity and Sophistication,” Art Tomorrow, V. 5, Summer of 2011, pp. 179-186.

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1980     Abbas Daneshvari         “A Review of A. Welch’s Paintings for the Shah,JAOS.

BOOKS PUBLISHED UNDER MY EDITORSHIP (Editor in Chief of Islamic Art and Architecture at Mazda Publishers)

2000     Hani Hamza                 The Northern Cemetery of Cairo, Mazda/American University of Cairo.

2004     Robert Mason,             Shine Like the Sun,  Lustre-Painted and Associated Pottery from the Medieval Middle East, Royal Ontario Museum/Mazda.

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Lectures (since 2004, only major institutions are cited):

2017    UCLA, “Metaphysical Subversions in Contemporary Iranian Art.”

2016     St. Andrews University, St. Andrews, Scotland, “The Iconography of the Chahr-Taq in Medieval Muslim Architecture.”

2013     Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London, “Deconstruction and the Contemporary Arts of Iran.”

2012     Kunst University, Linz Austria, “Deconstruction and the Contemporary Arts of Iran.”

2010      August 2010, University of Tehran, Department of Music and Ethnomusicology, “Music in the Art of the Great Seljuks of Iran.”

2010      December 9th, Intelligence Squared, “Animal Rights and Veganism,” Heather Mills, Peter Singer and Abbas Daneshvari debated three Professors of Oxford University on the issues related to animal rights and a vegan diet. Chelsea Town Hall, London

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