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Barbara A. Boyer
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Barbara Boyer

Barbara A. Boyer, Ph.D. is a Professor of Art Education and past Chair of the Art Department at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Boyer's presentations and publications have focused on critical theories in aesthetics and art education, social-cultural learning theories, and instructional technology. She has developed an Art Museum Internship Program with the University Luckman Art Gallery which features local, national, and international artists. Her work has appeared in professional refereed journals and chapters in books of anthologies. Dr. Boyer has co-taught online courses in the United States and for students in Berlin, Germany. She has co-authored an instructional technology textbook with Dr. Penelope Semrau, "Using Interactive Video in Education" published by Allyn & Bacon. Her awards include the National Dissertation Award in Art Education, the California State University, Los Angeles Outstanding Professor Award, and the National Art Education Pacific Art Educators Award. Dr. Boyer's Ph.D. is from the University of Oregon.