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The College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE) appreciates your interest in making a contribution. Donations like yours help PaGE continue to provide educational pathways that expand people’s world views and deepen their professional knowledge and skills. Your generous gift helps better prepare us to serve a diverse community of learners and makes a true difference in our student’s and faculty’s academic experiences.

Donations supplement and amplify education through scholarship opportunities and program support. Gifts contribute to the following efforts within PaGE:

  • Scholarships for Cal State LA Students to Study Abroad 
  • Professional Education Scholarships
  • International Student Scholarships
  • Faculty Professional Development
How to Donate
You may make a contribution in the following ways:


You can give a tax-deductible gift to the College of Professional and Global Education instantly by completing the Give Now Online Credit Card Form. It’s an easy and secure way to ensure your gift immediately benefits us.

Online Giving Instructions:

Step 1. Click the link for the GIve Now Online Credit Card Form:

Step 2. Enter or select your gift amount

Step 3. Under Gift Designation please select “For the following college/school…”

Step 4. Under Area of Donation choose the College of Professional and Global Education
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