Parking/Directions/Campus Map

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General Parking

  • Visitors with guest passes park in the lot designated on the pass.
  • Visitors with reservations: check in at the parking kiosk for parking in Lot 4.
  • Visitors without passes: park in areas with permit dispensers or meters (top-level, Parking Structure C; all levels,
  • Parking Structure A; Lot 2; Lot 5; Lot 7).
  • NOTE: Permits/passes must be displayed at all times. Questions? Call Parking Administration at (323) 343-3704.

Disabled Parking

Parking with Cal State LA current permit only (includes persons with DMV Placards) on Circle Drive, Paseo Rancho Castilla, B-Level of the Parking Structure B, all levels of Parking Structures A and C, Lot 4, Lot 6, Lot 7, Lot 7A (residence area), Lot 8, and Lot 10.

Navigating King Hall

King Hall has 4 wings:

A- Southwest (nearest to Kennedy Library)
B- Southeast (nearest to Engineering and Technology)
C- Northeast (nearest to Lot 7)
D- Northwest (nearest to Lot 5)

  • Rooms in the middle corridor are associated with whatever wing they abut.
  • There are 6 floors, B (for Basement) to 5.
  • If the room assignment has 3 digits, then the room is in the Basement.
  • If the room has 4 digits, then it is on the upper floor.
  • Examples: D140 is in the D Wing Basement, and C4069 is in the C Wing Fourth Floor


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