Home-Based Visitations Certificate Program

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Developed in partnership with Cal State LA's Department of Child and Family Studies, the online Home-Based Visitations Certificate Program prepares professionals with the knowledge, communication, and technical skills to work within culturally diverse home settings to support child development. Home-based visitations increase parenting knowledge, parent-child interaction, and involvement; help prevent child abuse and neglect; help increase school readiness and success, and promote early literacy. Using the latest research and information on the brain and emotional development, non-credit program courses will include lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises to provide best practices in the field of home-based visitations.

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The online Home-Based Visitations Certificate Program prepares individuals with the skills required to effectively provide in-home services to families who are engaged in a variety of programs:

  • Introduction to home-visiting programs that support parent and child development with emphasis on the development of skills needed to successfully complete home-based visitations
  • Examination of recent research on the effectiveness of home visitation practices, such as better birth outcomes, improved child health outcomes, better educational attainment for mothers, improved school readiness, reduced child abuse, and neglect, and more economically self-sufficient families
  • Development of culturally sensitive skills to use observational measures of development, parenting, and home quality.
  • Attainment of skills, in using various methods, to help develop a strong working relationship to collaborate with parents.
  • Learn strategies to support children’s health and development.
  • Observe and understand children’s behavior in the home environment.
  • Observe and understand the parent-child relationship in the home environment.

The online Home-Based Visitations Certificate Program is designed for entry and mid-level professionals who work in the field of home-based services and individuals who are seeking professional development.

Home Based Visitations Certificate Program cost: $2,700.

Because this is not an academic degree-seeking program, this program does not qualify for financial aid, grants, and scholarships. At this time, we do not offer installment plans but do offer private loans for the program. If you are interested in loans, please apply for a private student loan here.

The Home-Based Visitations Certificate Program requires 45 hours of asynchronous online work. Participants may complete the program in as little as 10 weeks. Program materials and instructional support are available until the program ends. The program schedule will be announced soon.

In order to earn a certificate of completion, participants must take and successfully receive credit for taking all three modules: 

Module 1: Working with Children and Families

This course will introduce students to the role of the family in a child’s development including structure and communication using a family systems perspective. It will explore different family structures (e.g., single parents/gay families/ grandparents as parents). The course will also teach students strategies on parenting skills training, such as promoting positive family communication while considering the role of the cultural context in parenting and child development.

Module 2: Working with Children and Families in Challenging Situations

This course will examine the challenges and stressors facing urban families, and critique deficit notions of “challenging families.” Students will examine the impact of microsocial and macrosocial challenges on family goals, needs, and demands.  Students will learn about barriers to collaboration on the part of both parents and in-home providers; they will also be provided with opportunities to develop strengths to better address these barriers in their work with families and to reflect and apply ethical standards and professional boundaries in this context.

Module 3: Home-Based Visitations

This course helps will provide students with the knowledge and skills to work within home settings to support parent and child development. Students will integrate their knowledge of child development with practices in home-based visitations. It will engage students in lesson planning, assessment, and documentation.  Ethical issues and professional conduct when working with families within the home will also be addressed.

Leonor Vazquez Leonor Vazquez, Ed.D. has been an in-home educator, teacher-trainer, and supervisor working with the special needs population for over eight years. She was an Early Intervention Specialist at Regional Center and began teaching for Cal State LA's Child Development and Family Studies Department in 2007.

To apply to the Home-Based Visitations Certificate Program:

  • Participants must have a minimum of six (6) units in Child Development or equivalent units in a related field.
  • Participants must submit a program application, professional resume, and unofficial transcripts via the College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE) online portal. 

If you are interested in this program, please submit an inquiry.

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