Community Teaching Artist Certificate Program

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The online Community Teaching Artist Certificate (CTA) Program provides a theoretical and practical foundation from which teaching artists can assess and deepen their own practice in the communities they serve. The  8-week program focuses on a broad curriculum, pedagogy, and professionalization in applied community arts education. It allows dynamic artistic and cultural leaders to enhance and improve efficacy and marketability. Teaching artists will build on their own creative capital and gain insights into adapting and orienting themselves in diverse community settings. (Pictured: P.S. ARTS teaching artist, Kara Jenelle Wade, with elementary students learning dance.)


There are three core competencies that define the Community Teaching Artist Certificate Program:

  • Cross-Cultural Connection and Communication: Understanding the culture of community and its diversity.
  • Classroom Management: Demonstrating knowledge of best practices at community art sites, and developing teaching and learning goals for participants/students.
  • Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Understanding that community arts education is the endeavor of helping people to optimize their creativity in a calm and nurturing environment to ensure students are empowered to make choices and develop confidence and competence.

P.S. ARTS is offering an optional practical component, expanding the existing curriculum to include a series of three, in-person, morning sessions. This practicum will give participants experiential learning in arts education facilitation. They will work with P.S. ARTS educator development specialists to practice and apply what they are learning in the course. Through hands-on workshops and practicum activities, participants will increase their applicable, actionable skills for real arts classroom settings. They will also be able to further develop their pedagogical practice as teaching artists. Learn more about P.S. ARTS.

The Community Teaching Artist Certificate Program is ideal for:

  • Artists engaged or interested in teaching in community settings such as schools, parks and recreation locations, senior citizen centers, medical and health centers, and special needs facilities, among others.
  • Artists that are interested in ensuring keeping the inner-artist alive.
  • Preparing content/context curriculum for transition to the classroom.
  • Review the study of safe space in a community arts education setting.

The cost for the 8-week online Community Teaching Artist Certificate Program is $995.

Because this is not an academic degree-seeking program, this program does not qualify for financial aid, grants, and scholarships. 

The program schedule for the Community Teaching Artist (CTA) Certificate Program is forthcoming.

CTA Instructor: Dustin Garnett, Ph.D.

Program Topics:*

  • Place, History, and Personality
  • CTA Professional Standards and Classroom Management
  • Dynamics and Development
  • Diversity and Planning Universally
  • Multigenerational Learners, Course Design and Feedback
  • Inclusivity in Community
  • Artist-Teacher Identity and Pedagogical Temperament
  • Portfolio Sharing and CTA Resources

*Topics are subject to change.

The application for the Community Teaching Artist Certificate Program is forthcoming.

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For more information, please email the College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE) Program Office or call 323-343-4915.