Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist Certificate

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The College of Professional and Global Education offers a one-year post-baccalaureate Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist (CGMBS) Certificate Program. This training program prepares graduates for positions as clinical genetic molecular biologist scientists. A licensed CGMBS performs specialized molecular biology diagnostic tests in hospital clinical laboratories, in commercial reference laboratories, or in research and development for biotech companies. The 52-week long program is approved by the California Department of Public Health, Laboratory Field Services.


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Program admission requirements for the Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scienctist Certificate Program is a minimum of a bachelor's (baccalaureate) or an equivalent degree in biological or clinical laboratory science, or a field related to genetics, received by May of the year the internship begins. (This will be approved by the program director and accepted by the State of California for the purposes of licensure). Also:

  • A minimum of 10 semester units (15 quarter units) of chemistry; must include an upper-division course in biochemistry.
  • 18 semester (27 quarter) units of biology including:
    • 3 semester (4 quarter) units of genetics
    • 3 semester (4 quarter) units of molecular biology or cell biology
    • The remaining 12-semester units (19 quarter units) in biology must be in advanced genetics or upper-division cell biology, molecular biology, or microbiology. At least two of these courses must have laboratory components that include molecular techniques.
  • Three (3) semester (4 quarter) units of college-level statistics.
  • Core courses (genetics, molecular, or cell biology) must have been completed within seven (7) years of the internship.
  • For candidates with foreign degrees whose language of instruction was not English, a minimum of 90 IBT, 7 IELTS, or 575 PBT TOEFL scores is required. IN ADDITION, an upper-division course in genetics, molecular biology, or cell biology that was taken in the United States with a grade of B or better.
  • Students must complete all admission requirements by May of the year the internship begins.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4-point scale. International students must have their transcripts evaluated by the U.S.A. credentials evaluation service IERF and their grades must be converted to a 4-point scale (course by course evaluation).
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from upper-division/graduate course instructors or work supervisors, with at least one letter from an instructor.
  • Pending application to Laboratory Field Services for a Clinical Laboratory Scientist Trainee License –OR- Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist Trainee License. Final acceptance for admission to the program is contingent upon receiving this license.
  • Candidates must have United States citizenship or permanent residency in the United States to be admitted to the programs.
  • Beginning in September 2016, prospective students will be allowed to apply to the program up to three (3) times. After three (3) unsuccessful attempts, the applicant will no longer be eligible to enter the program. 

Applications for the Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist Certificate Program will be accepted from October 1 of the year preceding the internship until January 15 of the year the internship begins. Moving forward, the applications will be submitted via Cal State Apply. Below are application worksheets to help prepare you for application submission:

The per unit cost for the Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist Certificate Program for Fiscal Year 2021-22 is $675.

The total cost of the CGMBS Certificate Program is $8,100.

Please note that the total program cost does not include other related expenses in the program.

The CGMBS Certificate Program has been approved as a Gainful Employment Program by the Department of Education. The Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program can be accessed here. Eligible trainees can apply for Federal Financial Aid to support them during the year that they are in the program.

Review Cal State LA's Non-Discrimination Policy.

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For more information about the Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist Certificate Program, email Gloria Preza or call (323) 343-6065.