For Faculty

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) accommodates students with a variety of diagnoses or challenges. Accommodations can include preferred classroom seating, the use of a student note taker, wheelchair accessibility or closed-captioning for videos shown in class, among many others.

If a student who is registered with OSD enrolls in your class and requests accommodations:

  • OSD will email you a Notification of Academic Support Services (NASS).
  • The NASS outlines the accommodations that the student is eligible for.

If a student requests alternative testing for exams:

  • The NASS will include an “agreement” that allows you to outline guidelines for the exam (e.g. materials allowed, amount of time provided for each exam).
  • You must complete and submit the agreement as quickly as possible. Students cannot schedule their exams without the agreement.
  • Email exams to OSD two working days in advance, or seven days in advance where Braille/tactile graphics are required. Faculty have the option of uploading exams to the online system or delivering the exams to the OSD office.

We ask faculty to please include a statement in their course syllabi that advises students with disabilities who think they may require accomodations to register with OSD. Faculty should refer a student who self-discloses as an individual with a disability to OSD to verify the disability and functional limitations so that appropriate accommodations are authorized.

NOTE: You will only receive notification if the student requests accommodations.