Faculty Resources

Accommodations can include preferred classroom seating, the use of a student notetaker, wheelchair accessibility or closed-captioning for videos shown in class, among many others.

To ensure students’ learning needs are met, we work with faculty in arranging accommodations during class and exams.

Students with documented disabilities are eligible for reasonable academic accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Accommodations are determined by an OSD Disability Management Specialist, based on recommendations from a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist or other support documentation.

If a student who is registered with OSD enrolls in your class and requests accommodations:

  • OSD will email you a Notification of Academic Support Services (NASS).
  • The NASS outlines the accommodations that OSD has approved for the student.
  • NOTE: You will only receive notification if the student requests accommodations.

To ensure that students’ learning needs are met, collaboration between OSD, the student and faculty is vital. Although OSD determines accommodations, we need faculty assistance with some items. For example:

  • completing the testing agreement for alternative testing.
  • making an in-class announcement seeking volunteer notetakers.
  • making sure videos are appropriately captioned.
  • making sure handouts and other materials provided in class or posted in CANVAS are accessible.

We ask faculty to please include a statement in their course syllabi advising students with disabilities who think they may require accommodations to register with OSD. Faculty should refer a student who self-discloses as an individual with a disability to OSD to verify the disability and functional limitations so that appropriate accommodations are authorized.

Remember, OSD is not only a resource for students, but for faculty as well. We are here to answer questions, discuss issues and provide training and presentations.

*The Notification of Academic Support Services (NASS) outlines accommodations approved by OSD. A student should not be denied an approved accommodation. However, if you have any discrepancies about any accommodations, please contact the OSD Director or Associate Director as soon as you receive the notification to discuss.