Event Services

OSD coordinates Sign Language Interpreting requests for campus events, however the cost for these services is the responsibility of the hosting group or department. 

Please submit a request through our OSD online system – AIM at a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance for campus-events. Graduation celebrations must be submitted at minimum sixty (60) days in advance. 

Sign Language Interpreting runs approximately $105-135 per hour with a minimum 2-hour charge. A team will be assigned if the event is more than two (2) hours. Please note that depending on the event a team might be assigned even if the event is less than two hours.


  1. Visit OSD Online Services  
  2. Sign in using your Cal State LA username and password 
  3. Select Transcribing and Interpreting Request 
  4. Complete the form and submit 

The DHH Coordinator will follow up with an email with further details.