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Do I need to register with OSD at the time that I register with the University?

We encourage you to register early with OSD so we may coordinate your support services promptly. If you plan to begin at Cal State LA in the fall, we encourage you to attend an OSD Welcome Session to get started early.

What do I need for my intake appointment?

You will need to submit any documentation supporting your disability, e.g., IEP, 504 Plan, medical diagnosis or services received from a previous school.

Do I need to register with OSD every semester?

No. You only register with OSD once, but you do need to request accommodations every semester.

Where/How do I register to be a note-taker?

You can register at OSD Online Services. Sign in, and choose the “sign up as a note-taker” option.

I have not received my notes, what do I do?

If a note-taker has already been assigned to the class, please contact Steve at  [email protected]

I have completed all my requirements for transferring to Cal State LA from my community college except for mathematics. May I still transfer and complete the math requirement at Cal State LA?

No. CSU Executive Order 665 mandates that all students intending to transfer to Cal State LA, regardless of disability, must complete the GE Mathematics requirement prior to their first semester. This includes math course substitutions.

I was tested for a learning disability at the last community college that I attended; do I have to be tested again at Cal State LA?

Typically, student learning disability or psychological assessments should not be more than three years old. However, the Disability Management Specialist/Counselor will review all documentation to determine if reassessment is required. NOTE: OSD at Cal State LA does not provide learning and/or psychological assessments.

At my community college I used to have a variety of accommodations. Will I be able to get those same accommodations at Cal State LA?

If your disability or diagnosis warrants the use of the same or similar accommodations, and your documentation supports the accommodations, they may be provided at Cal State LA. However, all accommodations used at a community college do not automatically transfer. Accommodations are reviewed and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have transportation for students with mobility impairments to and from class?

Cal State LA does not provide such transportation. We recommend that students with mobility impairments take advantage of Priority Registration to schedule classes with enough time in between to get from one class to another.

Can I get a tutor through OSD?

Unfortunately, OSD does not provide tutoring services. Tutors are available through the Center for Academic Success. Additionally, as a student registered with the OSD, you may be eligible to schedule a standing tutoring appointment and additional tutoring time.

Does OSD provide financial assistance to students with disabilities?  

No. The Office for Student Financial Aid will provide financial assistance to eligible students.

Is a student required to divulge the nature of the disability?

No, students are not required to disclose the nature of their disabilities or to provide copies of their disability documentation to any entity other than OSD. However, if a student is experiencing symptoms as a result of a diagnosis that impact classroom attendance some support documentation may be required for faculty. Registering with OSD can help facilitate this process.

Do I need to accommodate the student's disability without any written verification from the OSD?

No. Students who have been verified for services have received written confirmation from OSD. If a student does not have written confirmation and is not registered, please refer them to our office in the Student Services Building, 1320. If you choose to provide a student with reasonable accommodations, you may do so at your own discretion, however, we do encourage accommodations to be facilitated by our office.

Student Conduct

All students, regardless of disability status, are required to meet the provisions of the California State University Los Angeles Student Code of Conduct and the academic expectations contained in your syllabus. Students are expected to behave civilly, attend class and participate appropriately just as their non-disabled peers. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be made for eligible students, but faculty are not required to modify academic standards to accommodate inappropriate or disruptive behavior.