Request Accommodations

OSD Portal (AIM)

Once registered with OSD, students will have access to the OSD portal, also referred to AIM. The portal is where students request accommodations, schedule exams, and manage their support services.  

Students registered with OSD are eligible for Priority Registration. We encourage students to use priority registration as a tool  to request their accommodation in advance and allow our office to notify instructors prior to the first day of class.  

You should log in to the OSD Portal (AIM) to request and manage your approved accommodations or support services.  

  1. Click the gold button below labeled "OSD Portal." 
  2. Login using your Cal State LA Portal username and password. 
  3. You will be directed to your OSD Dashboard, where your classes should be listed. If you receive E-Text or Audio Recording accommodations, you will be prompted to a message bar. Click the bar, read, and sign your name at the bottom.  
  4. Click on the box next to each class where you will need an accommodation, then click continue to step 2.  
  5. In step 2, you will have information regarding each of your classes. Below that, your accommodations are listed with a check box next to them.  
  6. Select the accommodations for each class by clicking on the boxes. Once completed with all your classes, scroll down, and click submit. 

Once you submit a request, our office will receive it and then email your professor(s) the notification of academic support services (NASS). Please request accommodations in a timely manner. 

OSD Portal

Modifying Accommodations

If you need to modify your accommodations, you can do so by following steps one through three above. 

  • Once on your OSD Dashboard, click “Modify Request” next to the class.
  • After you're done requesting a modification,  select “Update Request” to save your changes.