New Student Intake

Initial Intake: Appointments are required for initial intakes and last approximately one hour. During the initial intake appointment, the Disability Management Specialist will review your documentation, approve accommodations, and suggest services you may find helpful. See the "Register for Services" section for more information.

Students Already Registered

Drop-ins: Disability Management Specialists are available for 15-minute drop-in consultations. These meetings are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Students should view designated drop-in times for their Disability Management Specialists’ in the OSD Portal, under Announcements, prior to dropping in.

Disability Management Counseling: If you need more time than the allotted 15 minutes for drop-in appointments, you may schedule an appointment with your Disability Management Specialist for another date. These appointments are for students already registered with OSD who want to avoid waiting or need more than 15 minutes to consult with a Disability Management Specialist.