Register with OSD

Students interested in receiving services and accommodations must register with OSD and undergo an intake appointment.

NOTE: Completing an application does not mean you are registered with our office or eligible to receive services.  Disability Management Specialist/Counselors determine eligibility during intake.

STEP 1: Apply on OSD Online Services

Once you click the OSD Online Services link, select the first option “Get Started” to complete the application.

Diagnosis Documentation

  • If you have medical documentation, you can upload it during the application process.
  • If you do not have diagnosis documentation at this time, you can continue with the application.

OSD Online Services

STEP 2: Schedule Intake Appointment

Once we receive your application, an OSD staff member will contact you to schedule an intake appointment. During intake, a Disability Management Specialist/Counselor will determine your eligibility for accommodations based on the documentation you provide.

Diagnosis Documentation

  • Be sure to email documentation related to your disability to [email protected] at least two days before your intake appointment.  
  • If you do not have diagnosis documentation, we encourage you to continue with the application and intake process.  

*Students who are unable to apply online may contact our office for assistance.