Register for Services

You must be enrolled at Cal State LA to register for disability services. Prospective students are welcome to contact the department for information prior to enrolling at Cal State LA.

To register for services, start by submitting a Student Intake Application and necessary documentation to OSD. The sooner you take this step, the sooner we can begin to assess the accommodations that you may be eligible for. Once you submit the application and documentation, OSD will confirm receipt of your materials via email.

Students who are unable to apply online may contact our office for assistance.

  • Complete the Student Intake Application: 

OSD Portal 

  • If available, upload disability documentation (i.e., a note from a doctor indicating your disability, an IEP, Section 504 Plan, Psycho-Educational Report, Mental Health Form, or Physical Disability Form signed by a licensed provider). 


Disability documentation should contain a specific diagnosis indicating whether the disability is temporary or permanent, with a concise description of the functional limitations imposed by your disability. All documentation must be legible and provided in English. If the original documentation is in another language, the student will need to provide a translated copy. Students without documentation are invited to discuss their specific situation with a Disability Management Specialist. 

Student Housing Residents

Because emotional support animals are considered accommodations, residents must provide a written request for a reasonable accommodation and appropriate supporting documentation from the student's treating licensed medical or mental health professional to OSD. Documentation will be evaluated by OSD and not by university housing. University housing will have procedures that must be followed to register the animal if approved. 

  • Documentation shall include an original letter that must be submitted on official letterhead from a licensed medical or mental health professional dated within the last 30 days, and must include the following: 
  • The provider's professional opinion that the condition qualifies as a disability (i.e., a physical or mental impairment which limits a major life activity). 
  • The provider's opinion is that the emotional support animal has been prescribed for treatment purposes and is necessary to mitigate symptoms associated with the condition in order to have a reasonable accommodation to use and enjoy housing services. 
  • Any other information that would provide OSD the ability to determine the appropriateness and need for the emotional support animal. OSD may require additional information or documentation. 

For more information, please review the Policy on Service and Emotional Support Animals on Campus

If you are having issues adding your medical documentation via the OSD Portal, please contact:

323-343-3140 or email [email protected]

The Office for Students with Disabilities will review your application and documentation to determine if it is appropriate and complete. Our office will inform you if clarification and/or additional documentation, records, and/or materials are needed.

Once we screen your information, an OSD staff member will contact you to schedule a one-hour intake appointment with a disability management specialist.

Through an interactive discussion, your disability management specialist will help determine which accommodations you are eligible to receive based on your disability-related functional limitations.

NOTE: Completing an application does not mean you are registered with our office or eligible to receive services. Disability Management Specialists determine eligibility during intake.