Department of Public Health



“Why Public Health”  


The study of public health focuses on community-based, organized efforts to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote healthy environments and lifestyles. At this time, our department’s primary focus is on community health, which emphasizes health education and promotion, and assumes community to be an essential determinant of health and the central element of an effective public health practice.

Public health practitioners address a broad array of health care activities, including: health education and promotion, health assessment, and policy development. They work in many issue areas and on many programs, including: immunization, nutrition, smoking cessation, substance abuse, health inspection, and the promotion of hazard-free environments. Career opportunities include health promotion and education programs, research, policymaking, teaching, consulting and health administration. Careers are available in both the public and private sectors and in organizations of all sizes. Department graduates can pursue graduate degree programs in public health (MPH), medicine, and many other health-related fields.

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