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Department Chair Dr. Walter Zelman

Why Public Health?

Welcome to the Department of Public Health. We hope these pages provide what you want and need to know about our Department and its programs.

We offer a wide range of courses in Public Health. Our faculty is dedicated to our students –from the day we meet them, until long after they graduate. We offer a BS degree in Public Health and a Master’s degree (MPH) in Urban Public Health. Our students participate in internships in the community where they gain valuable work experience. Some participate in research projects with faculty. All students graduate with knowledge and skills that prepare them for jobs and careers in public health and, in many cases, related health professions.  

Students of our Public Health programs will learn:

  • How disease spreads and how to prevent that spread;
  • How to educate populations about activities that promote healthy behavior and discourage unhealthy behavior;
  • About the relationships between socio-economic factors (jobs, income, education) and good health;
  • About public policies that may or may not improve the chances of various populations living healthier lives.

Public health graduates work in a wide variety of settings, including; all levels of government, community organizations, businesses, medical groups, schools, and hospitals. They work as educators, advocates, policymakers, program managers, researchers, health inspectors, and in countless other occupations. 

I encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing our program here at Cal State LA.


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