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The Chin Family Institute for Nursing (CFIN) at California State University, Los Angeles, serves as a center for nursing excellence, emphasizing caring for diverse, underserved urban populations. Created in 2016 with a philanthropic gift from Drs. William and Patricia Chin, the Institute's mission is advancing nursing education, advocacy, leadership, and action.

Upcoming Program

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nelda Godfrey

Dr. Nelda Godfrey is Professor and Associate Dean for Innovative Partnerships and Practice at the University of Kansas School of Nursing, Kansas City, KS.

Her work with the International Society for Professional Identity in Nursing is transforming the way nurses, health care professionals, and society understand what it means to "think, act, and feel like a nurse."

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Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)  

Students posing at the community clinic event.

Residency Cohort #3

We have four residents at three clinics: University Muslim Medical Association (UMMA), Behavioral Health Services (BHS), and Chinatown Service Center.
Left to right: Sabrina Lai, Kevin Valdez, Ryan Gamble, and Nicole Gonzalez.

Cohort #2 posing with their certificates.



Three residents completed the 12-month program- 2- Frank Guzman and Lyanne Duarte at South Central Family Health Center and 1- Cho Win, at Chinatown Service Center.

Family Nurse Practitioner Residency

Student helping patient.

Family Nurse Practitioner Residency

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC) and the Chin Family Institute for Nursing are partners in providing Family Nurse Practitioner Residency with Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHCs) in Los Angeles. In our second cohort of residents, Cho Win examines and treats a patient at Chinatown Service Center. 

Events Wrap-up

Chin Institute nursing student

Nurses serve during COVID-19

In the time of COVID-19, Chin Institute places nurses in at-risk communities.

FNP Culmination Event

Students attending CFIN residency culmination

Family nurse practitioners celebrate the culmination of their 8-month residency.

Nurse-to-Nurse Incivility

Group photo

Nurse-to-Nurse Incivility: The Elephant in the Room Symposium 2023

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