Faculty and Staff

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Jessica Dennis, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
Phone/Ext: 4677
[email protected]

Office Location: E &T 537

Website: https://www.calstatela.edu/hhs/cfs/message-chair 

Allison Fuligni

Allison Fuligni, Ph.D
Phone/Ext: 5841
[email protected]

Office Location: E&T 504

Courses Taught: CHDV 1400, CHVD 5080

Website: /faculty/allison-sidle-fuligni

Claudia Kouyoumdjian

Claudia Kouyoumdjian, Ph.D
Phone/Ext: 5418
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T 507

Courses Taught: CHDV 3400, CHDV 3420, CHDV 3210, CHDV 5080, CHDV 4960

Rita Ledesma

Rita Ledesma, Ph.D., LCSW
Professor Emeritus
Phone/Ext: 5281
[email protected]

Yafen Lo

Yafen Lo, Ph.D.
Phone/Ext: 5842
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T 510

Courses Taught: CHDV 2000, CHDV 2100, CHDV 3430, CHVD 3730, CHVD 4960, CHVD 5090

Website: /faculty/yafen-lo

Simona Montanari

Simona Montanari, Ph.D.
Phone/Ext: 5415
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T A509

Courses Taught: CHDV 4920, CHDV 4930, CHDV 4960, CHDV 5090

Website: /faculty/simona-montanari

Marlene Zepeda

Marlene Zepeda, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
[email protected]

Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales-Chicas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone/Ext: 4597
[email protected]

Office Location: E&T 505

Courses Taught: CHDV 1410, CHVD 2250, CHVD 3210, CHVD 3500, CHVD 5100

Dr. Jessica Morales-Chicas earned her Ph.D in Education, with an emphasis in Human Development and Psychology, from UCLA. Dr. Morales-Chicas teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level course ranging from Social Emotional Development to Urban Families and Resilience.

Website: /faculty/jessica-morales-chicas

Ashley Munger

Ashley Munger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone/Ext: 4593
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T 534

Courses Taught: CHDV 3750, CHDV 3440, CHDV 4960, CHDV 5000

Website: /faculty/ashley-munger

Dr. Munger's research occurs in the nexus of family relationships, economic hardship, health, and education. Her research areas include food insecurity, family-centered nutrition programming, and programming to promote success in higher education. The use of mobile technology in the delivery of interventions has also been a focus.

Rakel Delevi

Rakel Delevi, Ph.D., LMFT
Phone/Ext: 5417
[email protected]

Office Location: E&T 508

Courses Taught: CHDV 1200, CHDV 1400, CHDV 1410, CHDV 3420, CHDV 4120, CHDV 4240, CHDV 4960

Website: /faculty/rakel-delevi

Ed Lopez

Edward Lopez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone/Ext: 5414
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T 506

Courses Taught: CHDV 2250, CHDV 3400, CHDV 3480, CHDV 4300

Website: /faculty/edward-lopez

Maritza Headshot

Maritza Morales-Gracia PH.D. 

Office Location: E&T 505

Courses Taught: CHDV 2000, CHDV 4960,

Su-Jeong Wee

Su-Jeong Wee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T 510

Courses Taught: CHDV 2300, CHDV 4950, CHDV 5000

Website: /hhs/cfs/su-jeong-wee



Wook Yang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Office Location: E&T 509

Courses Taught: CHDV 1400, CHDV 3470, CHDV 5080

Professor Waite Headshot

Kimi Waite, PH.D. 
Office Location: E&T 504

Courses Taught: CHDV 2250, CHDV 3000, CHDV 5100

Website: www.kimiwaite.com

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Rocio Salgado
Administrative Support Coordinator
Phone/Ext: 6188
[email protected]

Rocio works closely with the Chair of the department and oversees the efficient day-to-day running of the general office. She assists faculty with their needs, and works to resolve student-special needs that may arise.

Michelle Vazquez

Administrative Support Assistant
Phone/Ext: 4590
[email protected]

Michelle works at the office front desk. She assists students and faculty, issues permits for classes, and supports the department on special projects.