Hire a Student Assistant

The Student Employment Office is here to help you – University offices, departments and colleges – find qualified student employees. Specifically, we assist in hiring:

CSU Classification Job Code Job Description
Student Assistant 1870 Supplements the operational needs of a department.
Bridge Student Assistant 1874
International Student Assistant 1868
Student Assistant with Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
Instructional Student Assistant 1150 Performs mostly academic work, including tutoring, grading and/or teaching.

Work-Study, GAs & TAs

Federal Work-Study – if you’re hiring a student with Federal Work-Study, contact the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.
Graduate Assistant – assists faculty or teaching staff with professional and technical duties associated with the subject or program in which the graduate is doing work. To hire a GA, contact the Office of Human Resource Management.
Teaching Associate –  provides graduate students doing practical teaching in the field related to their study. Assignments are primarily involved with class and lab instruction. To hire a TA, contact the Office of Human Resource Management.

For more information about the student employment program, view our Student Employment Orientation (presentation).

Hiring a student

Recruitment: How do I hire a student?

Are you hiring a student for the first time?

The President’s Office is approving all hires while we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. To obtain this approval, you will need to submit a Request to Fill form. Ask your divisional resource manager for a copy.  

Once you have approval, you will need to create the job opening, post the position on Handshake and select a student. Get started with our Steps to Hiring guide.

Onboarding: What happens after a student is approved for employment?

Now that you’ve hired a student, you need to ensure that they:

  • take mandatory trainings
  • understand job duties and responsibilities
  • know office and University policies and procedures

To prepare your new student employee for the job, use our Onboarding Guide.

Ongoing: What are my responsibilities as a supervisor?

Learn about routine deadlines, weekly hour limits and mandatory breaks in our Supervisor Responsibilities Guide.

Extension: How do I extend a student’s employment?

If you would like a student employee to work beyond their effective end date, you will have to submit a new Employment Transaction Form (ETF) and other forms.

In addition, you will need approval from the President’s Office on a Request to Fill form. Ask your divisional resource manager for a copy.

Find out how to continue a student’s employment with Extending Student Employment.

Separation: What Happens when a student’s employment ends?

When a student is no longer employed at the University, you will need to have them complete a Student Employee Separation form.

To process a separation, email one of the following to [email protected]:

Email to payroll:

A copy of the completed and signed Student Employee Separation form.

Final Paycheck

Make sure the student employee gets the final paycheck during this timeframe:

Involuntary Discharge: A student employee who is discharged must be paid earned wages immediately.

Voluntary Resignation: A student employee who resigns must be paid earned wages no later than 72 hours from the date of separation. However, the student employee is entitled to earn wages at the time of separation if the student employee provides the employer at least 72 hours notice of his/her impeding separation.