Positions & Hours

Processed by the Career Center

The Student Employment Office is here to help you – University offices, departments and colleges – find qualified student employees. Specifically, we assist in hiring student assistants. Candidates for student assistant positions should be registered at Cal State LA with the primary goal of achieving a degree and not academically disqualified.

CSU Classification Job Code Job Description

Student Assistant

► Enrolled half-time or more

  • Undergrad: 6 units
  • Grad: 4 units (0 units for enrollment in thesis, project or comp exams at the 5000 course level)
1870 Performs clerical or other non-academic work duties. Please see the CSU Student Assistant Classification Standard for more information.

Bridge Student Assistant

► Enrolled less than half-time in current term (0 units grad students continuing thesis or project work in UNIV 9000)

Students should have been half-time or more prior term; and will enroll half-time or more in upcoming term.

► Graduating seniors may work one term immediately following graduation, up until the day before the next term starts.


International Student Assistant*


Student Assistant with Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Instructional Student Assistant

► Appointments may be made for a range of hours over a term(s).

1150 Performs work in an academic setting such as teaching (though not being an instructor of record for a course), grading, tutoring, helping out in laboratories, mentoring other students and undergraduate research assistantships. See Faculty Affairs and the CSU Instructional Student Assistant Classification Standard for more information.


The number of units a student is enrolled in will determine how many hours they are eligible to work.

  • 20 hours a week if they are enrolled at least half time.
  • 40 hours per week if they are enrolled less than half time.
  • Student employees may hold more than one job as long as the combined hours do not exceed the hourly restrictions.

*International Students – Per U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services regulations, failure to comply with the policy is a violation of the student’s visa status that could ultimately result in deportation.

Processed by Other Departments

Federal Work-Study (1871, 1872) — If you’re hiring a student with Federal Work-Study, contact the Center for Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.
Graduate Assistant (2355, 2325, 2326) — assists faculty or teaching staff with professional and technical duties associated with the subject or program in which the graduate is doing work. To hire a GA, contact the Office of Human Resource Management.
Teaching Associate (2354, 2353, 2324, 2309) —  provides graduate students doing practical teaching in the field related to their study. Assignments are primarily involved with class and lab instruction. To hire a TA, contact the Office of Human Resource Management.