Dr.Rika Houston

Dr. RIka Houston

                                                                                     Dr. Rika Houston 
                                                                                 ([email protected])

Degrees and institution from which awarded:

Ph.D. Marketing
University of California, Irvine

Area(s) of research interest:

•    Global and digital consumer culture
•    Sustainable marketing and consumption
•    Commodification of biotechnologies
•    Social marketing and civic engagement
•    Marketing and public policy
•    Visual and qualitative consumer research
•    Creativity and technology in marketing education

Area(s) of teaching interest:

•    Consumer behavior
•    International marketing
•    Sustainability marketing
•    Social marketing
•    Qualitative market research

Professional experience:

With a diverse background that spans the worlds of academia, corporate marketing, consulting, and community engagement, Dr. Houston integrates a wealth of experience to ensure student success.