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AMA Collegiate Chapter at California State University, Los Angeles

In August 2018, the student-led organizations M.A.R.S (Marketing Analytics and Research Society) and Marketing Club became joint leaders of the collegiate chapter of American Marketing Association (AMA) at Cal State LA. In doing so, they have become one of twenty-six collegiate chapters in California. AMA is the largest and most-recognized marketing association around the world that provides many professional and educational opportunities for marketing students and faculty. By becoming an AMA Chapter, the college has gained access to high-quality marketing knowledge resources and competitions across the nation and worldwide. The AMA holds annual student competitions, workshops, scholarships, and conferences such as the AMA Collegiate Case Competition, AMA Sales Competition, Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Student Research Posters, AMA Social Impact Scholarship, AMA Diversity Leadership Scholarship, Chapter T-shirt Competing, Website Competitions, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the AMA Collegiate chapter at Cal State LA, please contact one of the faculty advisors of the AMA Collegiate chapter, Dr. Maryam Tofighi and Dr. Statey Sharpe


Cal State LA | Marketing Analytics and Research Student Club


Marketing Analytics and Research Student Club

The M.A.R.S Club (Marketing Analytics and Research Student Club) allows Cal State LA students to follow their passion outside of the classroom by providing various opportunities in the field of marketing analytics and research. This club is committed to furthering students' interests in marketing and analytics. M.A.R.S club acts as a rich resource by providing mentorship and advisement to students interested in marketing analytics and research career field, creating opportunities to team up with local communities and organizations to conduct marketing research consulting, bringing data analytics career opportunities by promoting the Cal State LA students' quantitative and technical skills, and creating professional development and social networking events on- and off-campus.

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Cal State LA | The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club strives to educate Cal State LA students about the social and managerial processes involved with presenting a product, service, or value to meet the wants and needs of individuals. These processes include but are not limited to branding, advertising, salesmanship, distribution, and social media.

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