2018 Sales Bowl Competition Details



The mission of the Sales Bowl is to increase students’ awareness and skills of sales as a viable career. We will accomplish this by:

  • creating friendly competitions where students apply their sales knowledge, skills, and abilities in challenging and realistic simulated sales scenarios
  • cultivating a collaborative environment that connects students with sales firms and their representatives.
  • exposing students to sales internships and jobs.


Below are details of the application process and format for the Sales Bowl.

2.1. Application Process

The competition is open to all current undergraduate Cal State LA students. The number of seats available will be limited to 30. Students who wish to compete will be required to submit an application online. Students will need to indicate their motivation (i.e., why they want to compete), their experience, and any other relevant informational and qualification criteria.

2.2. Format

The Sales Bowl will be comprised of two rounds.

Round 1- Networking / Persuasive Sales Voicemail

In this round, students must complete two separate tasks. First, students will attend a networking/mixer. Students will show their ability to effectively build rapport and network by interacting with other sales professionals (judges). The objective is to ask for and successfully receive a business card from the judge. Each business card will count as one point. “Exceptional” performers who impress the judge will receive a “gold” card which will count as two points. This task will test students’ ability to build rapport, communicate value, and handle rejection.

Second, students will submit a 30 – 45 seconds persuasive sales voicemail. Students will be given a scenario with relevant background information. The objective is to call and leave a voicemail that will persuade the prospect to call back to set an appointment. This task will test the students’ ability to communicate and to convey value. Students will be evaluated on the following criteria: opening, content (communication of value), pace, length, closing, personalization, and exemplar (discretionary bonus score).

A panel of industry professionals and academicians will judge and then choose the students who will advance to the second round.

Round 2 – Virtual Sales Roleplay

In this round, students will conduct a virtual sales call (using Zoom) with a professional salesperson who will role play as the buyer. The scenario will pick up from round 1 whereby the client has agreed to a meeting with the salesperson (student). The student will have 15-20 minutes to demonstrate his/her ability to effectively communicate, build rapport, conduct a needs analysis, present value, handle objections, and close.

A panel of industry professionals and academicians will judge and then choose winners.

2.2. Prizes

Awards will be giving to the top four competitors: $1,200 (1st), $900 (2nd), $600 (3rd), $300 (4th).




Online applications open to students

3/5 – 3/11

Competitors attend networking/mixer event (round 1A)


Competitors submit persuasive voicemail (round 1B)


Round 1 winners announced; prizes awarded


Role play training and development workshop #1


Role play training and development workshop #2


Role play training and development workshop #3


Role play training and development workshop #4