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Adding During First Week of Class
The deadline to add classes for the term is the eleventh business day after the start of the term without requiring to submit the late add form. Here is the procedure to add to the class.
Late Add Before Census
Faculty and University policy govern the ability of students to officially enroll in classes. The deadline to add classes for the term is the eleventh business day after the start of the term. As a courtesy, The University may accept authorized requests to add through Census with the payment of a $25 late submission fee to allow the campus, departments and students to receive credit for courses.
Once self-service registration ends, students must add classes via email with the Records Office ([email protected]du) using this form: Late Add Form. The detailed instructions are in the form. The steps are as follows:
  • Student will first obtain the permission from the instructor to enroll in the class
Late Add After Census
After census, late add requests will not be permitted unless the student can document University error. In addition, students must have been “eligible to enroll” by census to be considered. This includes, but is not limited to, the satisfactory settlement of registration fees and financial obligations, clearance of registration holds, and full eligibility to take courses in a degree or credential program.

The instructors are required to be familiar with the late add procedures to guide the students. There are two different types of late adds. One is before the census date and the other is after the census date. The latter is rarely considered. The instructions for the instructor and the student are on the form. Here are the links to the two forms:

Late Add