SAP Program

Today’s e-Business is being transformed from the segmented application development towards federated enterprise system technology. The proficiency of stand-alone business IT skills is not enough for students to compete in the current job market. They need to learn ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) technology in order to win in today’s digital business world. To meet the challenges, Cal State LA joined SAP UA Program through the College of Business and Economics in 2006. SAP ERP is an enterprise platform running business processes across the enterprise. SAP University Alliances is a global academic program with more than 3000 member institutions in over 100 countries that expose students and faculty to the latest SAP ERP technologies and enables universities to integrate SAP enterprise systems into their courses. Most Fortune 500 companies and large organizations utilize SAP ERP. SAP is the market leader in ERP with over 400,000 global organizations. Over 750 large organizations in Southern California using SAP ERP. Integrating SAP ERP into a business curriculum at Cal State LA is an innovative practice that greatly supports student learning and provides them an overall view of integrated data and business processes in the enterprise system.

  • Offers SAP UA course materials in the business curriculum with a list of SAP approved course
  • Offers students a path to SAP UA Award Certification and SAP Professional Certification
  • Collaborates with industrial partners for student projects, internships, and placement
  • Collaborates with industrial partners for faculty research through Americas SAP Users' Group (ASUG)
  • Students with SAP ERP knowledge and proficiency learn how to use integrated enterprise data to make decisions in the enterprise.
  • Students with SAP ERP background are more marketable and have higher starting salaries.

Cal State LA proudly partners with SAP to provide more student opportunities MSIS Students in SAP Higher Education Conference, Long Beach

I. SAP Student Recognition Award

The award recognizes students at UA member universities that have spent notable time using the SAP products. Students must complete three courses from a list of SAP approved courses with a C or better.

Download the PowerPoint file of SAP UA Certificate Application Form, and send Dr. Wang for approval.

II. SAP TS410 Professional Certification Academy

Students who have earned the Student Recognition Award Certificate are eligible to participate in the TS410 Academy. It is a 2-week course taught by TS410 certified instructor(s) to students who have completed three SAP courses from an SAP UA member university. The academy includes nine days of instruction and one exam, which is administered on the last day of the 2nd week. Students may also take it as an online course. The self-paced online course is a guide to passing the TS410 Certification Exam. You will need to allow a minimum of 80 hours to complete this course.

Registration requirements: Knowledge of the SAP system gained through three SAP-related courses from one of the SAP UA partner universities. Successful candidates typically have three or more courses with heavy concentrations of SAP S4/HANA course work including modules: FICO, SD, MM, PP, WM, PS, EAM, HCM, and Fiori. This course covers competencies in the following key business processes in proportion to the percentage of the TS410 test dedicated to the topics:

TS410 Test Topics

III.TS410 Certification Exam

The exam has 80 questions and must be completed once you start it, with a time limit of 180 minutes. The format of the exam is multiple choice and multi-multi choice (MMC), where you must get all of the answers correct to get credit for the question. In the MMC questions, the number of correct responses is stated. The exam is a pass/fail exam, with the cut score is 60%, meaning you need to get 68 questions correct in order to pass. A passing grade on the exam earns you the “SAP Certified Application Associate—Business Process Integration with SAP S/4HANA” designation, TS410 Certification, an entry-level certification that is widely recognized in the industry. Once you pass the exam you will receive a SAP professional certificate. You will also receive a logo file for the “SAP Certified Associate” that you can use on your email signature and letterhead.

For more information about the SAP University Alliance program and certification at Cal State LA contact Dr. Ming Wang at [email protected].