Department of Information Systems



The field of Information systems or Information Technology is concerned with the design, development, implementation and management of computing infrastructure and computer applications in all types of enterprises and organizations. 

The Department is Ideally located in the heart of Los Angeles metropolis. It offers affordable graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs in a culturally enriching and diverse learning environment.


Majors from any other field may choose to minor in Computer Information Systems by completing seven CIS courses. 

Majors within the College of Business and Economics may minor in Computer Information Systems by completing five CIS courses. 

The Interdisciplinary IT minor provides the opportunity to students in any field in the University to minor in IT and likewise the CIS students to do the same in other fields. 
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BS in CIS: A tech based and business blended Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems (BSIS) with options in Information Systems and Information Technology.

MS in IS: A tech oriented and management augmented fast track Master of Science degree in Information Systems (MSIS) that may be completed in one and a half year at most. 

Interdisciplinary Minor

- This Minor provides the opportunity to students in other fields to enhance their IT skills and apply them in their respective fields

- The Minor also offers Computer Information Systems (CIS) majors to apply their skills into a specific area of interest such as TV and Entertainment that can lead them to an IT related job in that particular field.

Although the Minor requires a total of between 26 to 35 units to complete, students in certain majors outside the College of Business and Economics as well as CIS majors may obtain this Minor by completing an additional three to four courses (12-16 Units), provided they plan appropriately the selection of courses in their major field of study. 



Dual Major

Business majors can earn a second degree in Information Systems by completing only eight additional courses.

Management and Marketing majors may qualify for IT certifications while double majoring. 

Accounting majors may use the additional courses to count towards their CPA unit requirements. 


By appropriately choosing the option courses in their BSIS program, students are presented with the opportunity to either obtain or position themselves to obtain professional certifications. 

Certification opportunities include those offered by the University and by professional associations.  

Examples  areas of certifications include SAP, Project Management, Social Media, ICCP, CISCO, Social Media, Internet Security, Geographic Information Systems, A+, Network +, Advanced Information Systems and Computer Programming.