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Cal State LA / SAP University Alliances

SAP University Alliances is a global program with more than 3,100 member institutions in over 106 countries that exposes students and faculty to the latest SAP technologies and enables universities and vocational schools to integrate SAP software into their teaching by partnering to build technology skills.

Benefits of SAP Certification

  • SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software with over 345,000 customers using SAP.
  • Over 250 large corporations in Los Angeles alone use SAP.
  • Students with an ERP background are more marketable and have higher starting salaries than those without.
  • Students learn how to use a wide variety of information to make decisions and understand the impact of their decisions not only on their area of responsibility but to the rest of the company.

Cal State LA has been SAP University Alliances member-university for more than 10 years.  As a University Alliance member Cal State LA, through the College of Business and Economics

  • Offers SAP UA materials and curriculum
  • Collaborates with industrial partners for student projects, internships and placement
  • Collaborates with industrial partners for faculty research
  • Offers students a path to SAP Certification

Cal State LA proudly partners with SAP to provide more student opportunities

MSIS Students in SAP Higher Education Conference, Long Beach

Students become certified by completing a series of steps:

I. SAP Student Recognition Award

The award recognizes students at UA member universities that have spent notable time using the SAP products.  Students must complete three courses from a list of SAP approved courses with a C or better. 

Download the PowerPoint file of SAP UA Cerificate Application Form, and send Dr. Wang for approval.

II. TERP10 Academy

Students who have earned the Student Recognition Award are eligible to participate in the TERP10 Academy.

TERP10 is a partner academy certification for entry level SAP business analyst knowledge.  It is a 2 week course taught by a TERP10 certified instructor to students who have completed three courses in SAP from a University Alliance member school.  The workshop includes nine days of instruction and the exam, which is administered on the last day of the 2nd week course. 

III. SAP ERP Certification (SAP Certified Associate – Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0)

Students who have completed the TERP10 academy are eligible to take the SAP ERP Certification exam on the last day of the academy.

About the SAP ERP Certification Exam

  • The three hour 80 question exam is taken on computers in a designated Cal State LA classroom.
  • The test result in terms of pass/fail will be given immediately at the end of exam.
  • 41 correct answers out of 80 questions is pass.

For more information about the SAP University Alliance program and certification at Cal State LA contact Dr. Ming Wang at

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