The Department of Information System also offers the following certificate programs, including Advanced Information Systems, Communications and Networking, Computer Programming, Information System Security Professionals and SAP.

Advanced Information Systems: is designed to provide an academic base for information system professionals in such specialties as systems analysis and design, data administration, and distributes data processing as well as information system management. The emphasis is on the study of advanced techniques and software productivity tools. This certificate is suitable for students who hold or expect to earn an undergraduate option other than information Systems; graduate students in business administration; or information system professionals who holds a bachelor’s degree in any other field.

Communications and Networking: is designed to prepare individuals for computer network management positions or other positions that require sophisticated knowledge of designing, installing, configuring and maintaining computer networks. The program includes a minimum of 5 classes (15 units). Download the Communication and Networking course requirements in Words and the certificate application and evaluation form (Word document).

Computer Programming: is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level computer programming positions, or other positions, that require sophisticated knowledge of computer technology. The program consists of 28 units including 16 units of required courses and 12 units of electives.

Information System Security Professionals: is designed to provide a solid foundation in information security for individuals seeking positions as information systems security professionals. The certificate addresses all classes of threats and countermeasures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of organizational information assets as well as privacy of personal information. The program includes a minimum of 28 units in CIS courses.

SAP: The students in the BSBA CIS, MSIS and MBA programs are eligible to receive the SAP Recognition Award after completing three designated courses as the College of Business and Economics (CBE) is a member school of the University Alliances (UA) program. The Marketing and Management students could also obtain the Award by completing three courses. This Recognition Award certificate is issued by the College of Business and Economics (CBE), signed by the CBE Dean, and the SAP UA Program Director. The purpose is to recognize students at UA member universities that have spent notable time using the SAP enterprise suite.

Students wanting to pursue further experience with SAP as a professional can proceed to obtain the SAP entry-level TERP10 certificate. To obtain this certificate, a student who has completed the coursework from a UA member school needs to follow an additional two-week long course taught by a TERP10 instructor, and subsequently pass the TERP10 examination. The estimated cost for each student is about $800, which covers nine days of instruction and the examination which is administered on the last day of the two-week course. The SAP UA offers TERP10 certificate course in the greater Los Angeles area. Download the SAP Course Requirements in Words and the certificate application and evaluation form in Words. Download SAP Award Certificate Request Form in PowerPoint and Student Recognition Award Certification in Words.