Returning Students


Returning Students

Students returning to the university must meet specific criteria before they can be readmitted.  Depending on your academic standing at the time you left the university, you must meet certain conditions for readmission.  All returning students are subject to the current Major Specific Admission Criteria (MSC).  Should you have any questions about the readmission process you can attend one of our workshops to provide you with the necessary information needed to complete the admission process.

Good Standing

Students who left the university in good standing (i.e. with a 2.0 or higher GPA) must meet major-specific criteria before they are readmitted to Cal State L.A.  Please refer to this link for the major-specific criteria for readmission to your major of choice. Please also refer to the Admissions page for deadlines to reapply to the university.

Disqualified students

If you are an active student who has been disqualified from the university for the first time, you should immediately schedule an appointment with an advisor to determine if you are eligible to return to Cal State L.A. (reinstatement).  Students who have lost their status as current students must attend a workshop to help them determine what additional steps must be taken to petition to return to Cal State LA (readmission). Readmission students need to complete an online survey and must attend a workshop for readmission (See workshop schedule below).

Reinstatement students

Students who were disqualified the first time may meet with an advisor to see if they are eligible for reinstatement to the university only if they are continuing students or have missed a maximum of one semester (excluding summer and winter).  Students who are not eligible for reinstatement will be required to complete an exit plan with an academic advisor for future consideration.

Readmission students

Students who have lost their status at Cal State L.A. must attend a workshop to determine the steps they need to take to be readmitted to the university.  If conditions for readmission are met, students may be readmitted, but under the curriculum of the readmission term.

Bring the below items to the readmission workshop or your appointment to be considered for readmission or reinstatement:

  1. Transcripts reflecting all coursework attempted since disqualification.
  2. Student Statement which identifies the following:
  • What caused your academic success at Cal State Los Angeles to fall below acceptable standards? Think carefully about it and be specific.
  • How have these conflicts been resolved?
  • How has the time away from taking coursework prepared you for your return to Cal State Los Angeles?
  • If readmitted to the new major, how do you intend to return to good academic standing?
  • If readmitted into the new major, how does the new major align with your renewed values, skills, interests, and career goals?”
    **Statements should not exceed two typed, double-spaced pages.
  1. Optional: Supporting Documentation.

Workshop Schedule