Frequently Asked Questions

No. Students may only declare one option within business administration.

Yes. ECON 2010/2020 can be used to satisfy ONE of the lower division social science requirements (Block D). Students would still need to complete one additional course (excluding ECON) in this block. ECON 3060 is double-counted in GE Upper Division Block B - Natural Science and Mathematics. MGMT 3080 is double-counted in GE Upper Division Block C - Arts and Humanities.

Yes. However, the two majors have to be completed at the same time and they must not exceed 120% of their original degree. For instance, most majors require 120 units to complete the degree. That means if a student exceeds 144 units we will not approve any additional majors or minors. A student must show they can finish any additional majors or minors within these 144 units.

Yes, but you should consult with an adviser to make sure there are no other considerations when you are double-counting courses.

Yes. Up to 24 units of extension, course work may be applied to the bachelor's degree. If a student has completed more than 24 units, you should consult with an adviser.

Yes. Students are strongly encouraged to declare an option in Business Administration when they first enter the CBE. For those who are undecided, however, they may seek advisement from the College of Business and Economics Advisers. All Advisers are trained on each of the majors offered CBE and can help you with any questions you have related to any major in business.

Yes. All new students, freshmen, and transfer are required to attend an orientation program prior to their first semester. The College of Business and Economics Student Services Center will conduct the orientation, which will include all the information you will need in order to register for your first semester, as well as all relevant you will need to be successful at Cal State L.A.

Yes. Students may obtain career counseling and job placement information from the Career Center, CBE career placement officer, personal counseling from the Health Center, and tutoring and academic success training from the Tutoring Center. Students are strongly encouraged to make use of these excellent services.

If a student would like to “drop” a dual major or a minor you can meet with an advisor to process your request.

The University Catalog does not state a limit the number of minors a student can declare, but your request will be denied if it puts you over 120% of your original program. If adding the minor puts your projected unit total over 144 units the request will be denied.

Transfer students must wait until their transfer work is evaluated and posted in the GET system by the Admissions Office before the student can file either form for course credit.

Each department will assign an expiration date for the permit. It is recommended that students use their permit as soon as possible and inform the department if they choose not to use the permit.

Students are placed on probation if either their Total GPA or CSULA GPA falls below 2.00 at the conclusion of any term. Students on probation are eligible to enroll in the University through the regular enrollment process.

An undergraduate student shall be removed from academic probation when the CSULA GPA and Total GPA are raised to 2.00. Getting good grades and/or using the repeat policy can help greatly increase your chances of improving your GPA.

A: Any student whose total GPA falls below the floor levels posted in the table posted below will be disqualified. In addition, students who were on probation the previous semester are placed in disqualified status, if at the end of the next semester, either their Total or CSULA GPA falls below the GPA listed for each class level (See Table below)

Class Level

GPA at the Time of Disqualification

Freshman (1-29 units earned)


Sophomore (30-59 units earned)


Junior (60-89 units earned)


Senior (90+ units earned)


Students who are disqualified may petition to remain in College by filing an "Undergraduate Petition for Reinstatement or Readmission from Disqualification." Students must complete the requested information on the front of the form and then write a statement on a general Appeal Form on the second page explaining the circumstances that led to the disqualification and their plans to improve their academic performance. Students, who were out more than one semester after being disqualified, must complete the form and meet with their Academic Advisor as well as reapply to the university to be readmitted. Students who are looking to be readmitted must file the college application during the published deadlines as well as meet any other requirements for regular admission such as the Enrollment deposit.

Please visit our graduation page for the information you will need to sign up for a graduation workshop. Students will attend the workshop and fill out the appropriate application, which will be reviewed by an Academic Advisor. Once that is completed, students will pay for the graduation application and submit the completed application.

Please visit the University Academic Advisement Center website and click on GPA Calculator. Should you have any major issues concerning your GPA it is suggested you make an appointment with an adviser to talk about such issues.

Your catalog rights for your major (and minor if you pursue one) are governed by the catalog in effect at the time you declare your major (or minor). If you have a break in attendance by not enrolling in two semesters, your graduation requirements for GE and your major will be governed by the catalog in effect at the time you reenter Cal State LA.

For CIS, BSBA and BAECON students, the GWAR is now met by passing the Upper-Division Disciplinary Writing Requirement course, BUS 3050 with a grade of "C or better."

The CSU General Education-Breadth (GE-Breadth) program allows California community college transfer students to fulfill lower-division general education requirements prior to transfer. “Certification” is the official notification from a California community college that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling lower-division general education requirements. Students should ensure that they have GE Certification before starting at Cal State LA. Students without GE certification will need to follow the GE catalog requirements for the year they enter Cal State LA.