New Freshman Admits

After you receive an official offer of admission, please follow these important steps to ensure a smooth transition to Cal State LA (click on each section to see more information):

(1)  Submit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit

Once you have made the decision to attend Cal State LA, you must reserve your seat in the incoming class by submitting your $100 (USD) Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD).
  • For Fall admission, the deposit is due by May 1st.
  • For Spring admission, the deposit is due by November 1st. 
For more information, visit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit webpage.

(2)  Satisfy the Terms of your Admission Offer

What is Provisional Admission?

Most first-time freshman applicants are still attending high school at the time of application and admission decisions are normally made on self-reported information before fall grades are available. Therefore, offers of admission for first-time freshman applicants are almost always provisional.

Admission offers will remain provisional until we have verified that you reported accurately on your admission application and that you meet all of the following admission requirements by the end of the Spring term, prior to fall enrollment at Cal State LA (or end of Summer for spring enrollment):

  • Completion of each of the courses in the comprehensive pattern of college preparatory subject requirement (“a-g” courses) with a grade of 'C-' or better;
  • Have an overall final high school GPA in college preparatory courses that is the same, or higher than, what was reported on the Admission Application. If your final high school GPA falls below admission cutoffs, the admission offer will be rescinded; and
  • Graduation from high school, or earned a California High School Equivalency Certificate or GED.

Failure to meet the above admission conditions will result in the rescinding of the admission offer. To be considered for admission to Cal State LA for a future term, please be aware that you must meet admission deadlines and requirements that are in effect at that time.

If admitted to Pre-Nursing, you must also meet the following criteria to remain in this specialized program:

  1. Have a minimum 3.50 GPA in the comprehensive pattern of college preparatory subjects (the 'A-G' courses); and
  2. Have earned 'B' or better grades in the following year-long high school courses:
    1. Intermediate Algebra, Algebra II, or Integrated Math III;
    2. Biology with lab; and
    3. Chemistry with lab.

Be aware: Each term of the year-long course must be completed with a grade of 'B' or better. If AP, IB, or Honors courses are taken in these areas, applicants must also earn 'B' or better grades in the course.


How will I know if I have met all of the Conditions of Admission?

For Fall term admission, official final High School transcript(s) showing the date of graduation should be submitted no later than July 15. For Spring term admission, transcripts are due November 1. After final academic records are reviewed, you will receive an email sharing that your admission has been finalized, or rescinded for not meeting the conditions.

Students are allowed to attend Golden Eagle Orientation and register for classes prior to the audit of their admission decision. Some students may be required to self-report their senior grades prior to orientation to ensure they are on track for completion of the admission requirements. If the admission offer is rescinded after enrollment, the classes will be administratively dropped.

What are some Important Dates to keep in mind?
Please plan to meet the undergraduate admission deadlines for your admit term. To view the specific deadlines, visit the Admissions Deadline webpage.

(3)  Apply for Housing

Living on campus offers numerous opportunities for students to build lifelong friendships, develop as leaders and achieve academic success. Our new 1,500-bed student housing complex will feature tower communities designed around a park! To learn more, visit the Housing and Residence Life webpage. (Be aware: Before you apply for Housing, you must first submit your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD).)

(4)  Participate in the Early Start Program

To better prepare students for academic success at Cal State LA, new freshmen who demonstrate they will require academic support to successfully complete college-level mathematics and/or English composition will be required to begin Math and/or English courses in the summer. Additional information will be sent beginning in April to students who have accepted the offer of admission. For more information, visit the Early Start Program webpage.

(5)  Submit your Final Transcript(s)

To verify your final admission eligibility, please plan to submit official, final high school transcripts and, if applicable, official SAT, ACT, or AP/IB test scores after high school graduation.

  • To be considered final, the transcript must include courses/grades completed through final semester of your senior year, and your high school graduation date.
  • If you have already graduated from high school, please submit an official transcript after you submit the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit. You do not have to wait until the final transcript deadline; documents can be submitted earlier if you have already graduated from high school.
  • If you took courses at a college/university prior to high school graduation, and the credit is not noted on your high school transcript, please also plan to submit a separate college transcript.

For Fall admission, final transcripts (and test scores) are due July 15th. If you take college courses in the summer prior to enrolling at Cal State LA, you must submit another set of final transcript(s) with grades posted, by September 1st. For Spring admission, final transcripts (and test scores) are due November 1st. No college courses should be taken in the fall for Spring admission.

For more information about official academic records, and how to submit them, visit the Submitting Documents webpage. To view the specific missing documents, please visit your GET Self-Service Student Center To Do List. Once in the To Do list, click on the "To Do Item" name for more details, including the name of the specific school for a required transcript.

(6)  Review the Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid options

The average student expenses will vary from student to student, depending on his/her living arrangements and individual needs. For the estimated cost of attendance at Cal State LA, visit the Cost of Attendance webpage, and select the appropriate academic year.
To assist with these costs, financial aid is available to eligible students. If you have not already done so, please submit the FAFSA (or the CA Dream Act) application.  The priority application deadline is March 2nd of the current year, for the following academic year. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid webpage. If you are a CA Dream Act applicant, please also submit the CA Nonresident Tuition Exemption for Eligible High School Graduates (AB-540) form, with supporting documentation, to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

(7)  Attend Golden Eagle Orientation

New and returning undergraduate students are required to attend Golden Eagle Orientation to learn more about the university, and receive academic advisement and assistance with class registration. Additional information will be sent beginning in May for Fall admission, and in November for Spring admission, to students who have accepted the offer of admission. For more information, visit the Golden Eagle Orientation webpage.

(8)  Review your GET To Do List and Stay Connected

  • The Office of Admissions and Recruitment will send communications to the "preferred" email address as indicated in your GET Student Center. You may update your contact information in GET
  • Please remember to regularly check your email and GET Self-Service Student Center To Do List. Once in the To Do list, click on the "To Do Item" name for more details, including the name of the specific school for a required transcript.
  • For instructions on how to login to GET, visit the GET webpage.

(9)  Activate your myCalStateLA ID

After you accept our offer of admission, you must also active your myCalStateLA ID. This is different from your GET login information. Once you have your myCalStateLA ID username and password, you may begin to use your myCalStateLA portal and campus email. 

(10)  Request use of a Preferred First Name (if applicable)

Cal State LA recognizes that some students may wish to use a Preferred First Name, other than their legal name, to identify themselves. The University acknowledges that a Preferred First Name can, and should, be used where possible in the course of university business and education.  Information for students about requesting a preferred first name is found on the University Registrar website. Please take a moment to review this webpage, and see if using a Preferred First Name is right for you.

Be aware that failure to satisfy all admission and enrollment requirements and deadlines will result in the withdrawal of the offer of admission or prevent you from enrolling in the University for the admitted term. Students who do not successfully enroll in the term of admission must reapply for future admission consideration, and meet the requirements that are in effect at that time.