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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

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The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440 – Padilla) established the Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T) degrees for California Community College students and is designed to provide a clear pathway to the CSU. For more information about the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), students may contact their local community college transfer center, or visit
Be Aware: The Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) degrees are different from other Associate degrees (AA/AS) offered by the California Community Colleges.

How will the Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) be used in determining admission eligibility?

Cal State LA continues to have more qualified applicants than available new student spaces. All transfer students must declare a major when submitting their application. Priority consideration is granted to applicants who are pursuing an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). For the AA-T/AS-T degree to be used in the admission process, the following must be met:

  • The student must be pursuing an approved Associate Degree (ADT) for the Transfer program at a California Community College.
  • The transfer degree program must be deemed ‘similar’ to the corresponding major program at Cal State LA.
  • In the Cal State Apply application, students must apply as an ADT applicant to the corresponding major at Cal State LA. This information is reported in the Cal State Apply Extended Profile section.
  • The California Community College must certify that a student is on-track to complete the Transfer AA-T or AS-T degree by the end of spring for Fall admission, or the end of summer for Spring admission.

If the requirements above have been met, then:

The Transfer AA-T/AS-T curriculum is used in lieu of the specific required and recommended courses listed. Under CSU guidelines, the minimum required cumulative GPA has been adjusted as indicated. Non-local applicants will also benefit from a 0.1 GPA bonus used in the ranking of non-local applicants.

Transfer AA-T/AS-T Degree Verification

To be eligible for the admission priority consideration, California Community College Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) applicants must submit verification that they have or are finishing the remaining requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) by the stated admission term’s Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) completion deadline.

For this verification to be accomplished, the California Community Colleges have established a priority schedule for Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) eligible students.

  • Students are asked to submit their “petition to graduate” with an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) at the community college they are attending.
  • The community college will confirm applicant eligibility for the ADT directly with the CSU via an online e-Verify portal.
  • Transfer applicants may also send a copy of the evaluation form to the Cal State LA Office of Admissions and Recruitment by the stated admission term’s ADT verification deadline.
  • A final transcript showing completion of the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) must be submitted to the Cal State LA Office of Admissions and Recruitment by the stated admission term’s final official transcript deadline.

Which Transfer AA-T or AS-T degrees are ‘similar’ to Cal State LA Majors?

Cal State LA Similar Baccalaureate Degree Programs (as of January 2021):
Cal State LA Major CCC ADT Degree
Anthropology BA Anthropology AA-T
Art BA Art History AA-T
Studio Arts AA-T
Biology BS Biology AS-T
Business Administration BS Business Administration AS-T
Chemistry BS Chemistry AS-T
Child Development BA Child and Adolescent Development AA-T
Early Childhood Education AS-T
Communication BA Communication Studies AA-T
Criminal Justice BS Administration of Justice AS-T
Economics BA Economics AA-T
English BA English AA-T
Geography BA Geography AA-T
Geology BS Geology AS-T
Journalism BA Journalism AA-T
Kinesiology BS Kinesiology AA-T
Mathematics BS (effective Fall 2023 admission term) Mathematics AS-T
Music BA Music AA-T
Philosophy BA Philosophy AA-T
Political Science BA Political Science AA-T
Psychology BA Psychology AA-T
Sociology BA Social Justice Studies AA-T: African American Studies
Social Justice Studies AA-T: Chicano Studies
Social Justice Studies AA-T: Ethnic Studies
Social Justice Studies AA-T: Gender Studies
Social Justice Studies AA-T: LGBTQ Studies
Sociology AA-T
Spanish BA Spanish AA-T
Television, Film and Media Studies BA Film, Television, and Electronic Media AS-T
Theatre BA Theatre Arts AA-T

How will the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) be used in determining my graduation requirements?

Students who have completed an approved Associate Degree for Transfer program deemed 'similar' to their Cal State LA major are eligible to graduate from the University in 60 units. The exact pathway to complete the specific major will depend on the specific AA-T/AS-T curriculum. As a result, the pathway will be determined in consultation with an advisor. The 60 unit graduation option will obviously not be possible if the student changes majors or elects to add any additional degree objective, such as a second major or minor.

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