Multi-Factor Review Process (MFRP)

Cal State LA has a long history of commitment to access, the local community, and social upward mobility. Except for Pre-Nursing, CSU eligible applicants who do not meet the ranking GPA for Cal State LA admission, but have at least a 2.00 GPA (or 2.47 GPA for non-CA residents and graduates of non-CA high schools), may be evaluated for admission based on Multi-Factor Review Process (MFRP), using information reported in the Cal State Apply application.
Applicants who go through the MFRP will be ranked by their Multi-Factor Admission Score (MFAS) and may be offered admission based on remaining space availability in the major or college.
For admission consideration, Cal State LA will be using the following supplemental factors to determine an applicant’s Multi-Factor Admission Score (MFAS):
Supplemental Factor:  Academic Achievement


of score

‘A-G’ subject GPA (excludes 9th grade and maximum 4.00 GPA) 
Number of ‘A-G’ courses beyond the minimum 30 semesters 
Supplemental Factor:  Community Commitment


of score

Graduating from a local admission area high school
Graduating from a community partner high school
Supplemental Factor:  Other Applicant Attributes


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Work/employment experience
Extracurricular Activities (e.g., community involvement, leadership, etc.)
Educational Program Participation in high school 
Military Status (Applicant’s US military service)
Youth Services (Foster Youth, Ward of the Court)
First-Generation College Student 
Low Income Household
Please visit the Cal State LA Freshman Application and Admission webpage for additional admission information.