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Daphne et alDaphne Liu (center) with her (current and former) students, Minh Vu (now at UCR), Joyce Quon, Angel Chavez and Mason Shurman (now at UCI).

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The Math Department announces its 2021 Outstanding Student Awards!


Joycs QuonJoyce Quon: Joyce has a perfect 4.0 GPA. She did her Honors Thesis with Daphne Liu on coloring problems in graph theory. Among her many other activities, she did an REU at Michigan State University in 2019, a JPL summer internship in 2020, and was
a Cal State LA Delegate to the Annual CSU Student Research Competition this year. She has been supported by an Edison CSU-SETM-NET scholarship, the NASA Direct STEM program and the NSF PUMP program.


Jonathan Cervantes: Jonathan has straight As in all his MS courses and in two comprehensive exams, and graduated this term.  He has been working with Mike Krebs on a project on the chromatic numbers of certain graphs. Mike Krebs writes "Jonathan's contributions to the project have been top-notch, both in terms of the mathematics itself as well as mathematical writing. We are on the verge of sending off a paper in which we write up the results."

Louis Diaz: Louis is finishing up his MS thesis with Jose Mijares on topology. Mijares wrote “Louis was outstanding. His mathematical capacities are excellent. He is a very mature original thinker who likes to be challenged. His discipline and his capacity to work independently are impressive.” Among other accomplishments he received an outstanding poster award at the Cal State LA Annual Student Symposium on Research in March.

MJ LeeMyeongjin Lee: Myeongjin is another student with a perfect record - a GPA of 4.0 and As in two comprehensive exams. Here is Mike Krebs' recollection of Myeongjin's presentation in Math 5500: "I still remember MJ’s talk.  It was meticulous, impeccably organized, and thoroughly thought-through.  She not only applied techniques learned in the class to the problem but also her own cleverness and outside-the-box thinking to obtain even better results."

Keun ParkKeun Park: Has GPA of 4 in his MS program. He just got As in both comprehensive exams and has now graduated. Vladimir Akis wrote about Keun's work in a topology course, "Keun was truly outstanding in that course, and he performed far above the rest of the students (who were all graduate students).  It was a pleasure to have Keun in my classes.”  When he was an undergraduate at our school, Keun received the 2019 Outstanding Senior Award from our department.    



Tuyetdong Phan-Yamada and Ly Jacky Nhiayi, a CS major, just published Examining Possible LU Decompositions in the North American GeoGebra Journal Volume 9, Number 1.  Phan-YamadaTuyetdong is a long-time lecturer in the department who enjoys building interactive graphical illustrations with GeoGebra, which she integrates into her lesson plans in trigonometry, geometry, statistics, calculus, and other courses. nhiayiLy Jacky Nhiayi is an undergraduate computer science major. Jacky enjoys studying real-world applications, number theory and graph theory.

LU decomposition is a fundamental in linear algebra. Numerous tools exists that provide this important factorization. The authors present the conditions for a matrix to have none, one, or infinitely many LU factorizations. In the case where no factorization exists, the authors illustrate how to approximate an LU decomposition by considering LU factorization of nearby matrices.