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The Math Department office is closed indefinitely because of the pandemic.

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Congratulations to George Percival! He got a second place in his division at the 35th Annual CSU Student Research Competition at Cal Poly Pomona on April 30. His winning presentation was on Coloring Distance Graphs - work done with his faculty advisor, Daphne Liu and thesis advisor Sam Chyau. Next year, George will be at the University of St Andrews in Scotland working on his MS in Mathematics.

Harshil Kotamreddy and Joyce Quon also represented Cal State LA at this system-wide event. You can see them all on the Competition Slide show at the SRC Delegate Slideshow (scroll forward to about 3:09). The meeting website is at


Keun Park and Parker Le will be going to UCLA this summer for the CSU-UCLA Summer Bridge Program. The goal of the program is to prepare CSU students for PhD study. More...

This summer, Judith Landau will be doing a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program in the biomedical sciences and engineering at Yale. She will be working in Dr. Michael P. Murrell’s “Laboratory of Living Matter.” The lab’s main purpose is to investigate how the physical properties of cells influence how they move during fundamental life processes. More...

Bryce Van Ross, who has been working with José Mijares, was accepted for the the MIT Summer Geometry Institute 2021 Internship, a six-week summer research program introducing students to the field of geometry processing. Geometry processing has a long history of breakthrough developments that have guided design of 3D tools for computer vision, additive manufacturing, scientific computing, and other disciplines. More...


Cal State LA has been awarded a $2 million grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to improve undergraduate education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields through a new model of teaching and learning. Congratulations to math faculty Silvia Heubach and José Mijares for being part of the project team leading the effort to create a model of education that will bring about greater equity and inclusion in STEM instruction and the workforce. More...

Just Published: 

A. Chavez, D. Liu, and M. Shurman,   Optimal Radio-k-Labeling for Trees, European Journal of Combinatorics, Vol 91 (2021).    

D. Liu, L. Saha, and S. Das, Improved Lower Bounds of the Radio Number for Trees, Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 851 (2021), 1-13.  

The channel assignment problem has been studied extensively in the past three decades. The task is to use graphs as models to assign channels to cities or transmitters such that interference is avoided and the spectrum of the channels used is minimized. Both publications are about the radio labelings of graphs, a topic motived by the channel assignment problem. One of the publications was a joint work of Daphne Liu and her research students Angel Chavez and Mason Shurman (who was 15-yr old when the paper was submitted). This is Angel’s second publication with Liu.  Angel is currently a master student and will enter the math Ph.D. program at U. Minnesota in Fall 2021. Mason is currently a student at UCI. This was his first publication, from which Mason’s Erdös number becomes finite.

Daphne Liu is a graph theorist. Besides many types of channel assignment and graph coloring problems, her research interests also include topics related to number theory and algebraic topology.