Department of Mathematics

Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman, emeritus professor, former department chair, mentor to innumerable students, died on September 19 at the age of 72. Full obituary.

The Math Department office is closed indefinitely because of the corona virus pandemic.

All communication will be done by email or Zoom (email advisor to set up zoom appointment):


November 30, Math Club Talk, Mike Krebs, The Chromatic Number of the Plane Problem... mod p, 3:15 pm. More...




MAA Focus

Sharona Krinsky was one of three organizers of a Mastery Grading Conference planned for this summer at Grand Valley State University. The story of how this conference went online is in the August/September MAA Focus Magazine. Click here for the article.

Over the summer, Judith Landau participated in a REU at UCLA’s Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biology. For her project, she won a Top Presentation Award for Systems Biology and a Research Excellence Award. Her project was called Computational Analysis and Comparison of Two Recombinase-Based Oscillators with Molecular Sequestration. She will be continuing to work with the Franco Lab at UCLA on these novel circuit designs.


Congratulations to Louis Diaz and to Angel Carrillo, who both just got fellowships from the MBRS RISE MS-to-PhD program. Louis will be working with Dr. Jose Mijares, and Angel will be working with Mike Krebs. The RISE program has an emphasis on the life sciences, but it can also support math students. For information on this program click here: MBRS RISE MS-to-PhD.