Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Update: LSAMP Office will be open in-person & virtually! 

Please make sure to enroll in the LSAMP Canvas Shell. Email for more information.

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LSAMP Spring 2022 Office Hour

Tueday 10am - 4pm
Thursday 10am - 4pm
*If demand, additional office hour will be added*

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We have prepared different graduate school workshop and social events for students. RSVP now to get the most updated information.




Important Deadlines


The Early Registration Request deadline for Spring 2022 will be September 22nd, 2021 by 5pm Please follow the checklist requirement and make sure your email is current with the LSAMP office and that you are enrolled in the LSAMP Canvas Shell/Course.


CSU-LSAMP is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant # HRD-1302873 (# HRD-1826490 effective 9/1/2018) and the CSU Office of the Chancellor. Cal State LA College of Natural and Social Sciences and College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology also have significantly contributed to the support of CSU-LSAMP @ Cal State LA.
CSU LSAMP-BD is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant #s HRD-1246662 (cohort X), HRD-1363399 (cohort XI), HRD-1463889 (cohort XII), HRD-1602210 (cohort XIII), HRD-1700556 (cohort XIV) and HRD-1807387 (cohort XV).