Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Wallis Annenberg Integrated Sciences Complex – Rosser Hall (ASCR) – Room 360
Phone (323) 343-2095 | Fax (323) 343 -2095 | lsamp@calstatela.edu


CSU-LSAMP at Cal State LA

logoThe CSU-LSAMP at Cal State LA is funded annually from September 1 through August 31. LSAMP stands for the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program, which is named after the Ohio Congressman who helped to create the program. It is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Office of the CSU Chancellor. The College of Natural and Social Sciences and the College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology also provide significant yearly support to the program at Cal State LA. The 2017-2018 represents the 25th year of funding at Cal State LA. The program is designed for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors. The office for the CSU-LSAMP @ Cal State LA in located in the new science complex building (ASC-Rosser Wing – Room 360 or ASCR -360). The LSAMP staff may be reached during their posted hours at (323) 343-2095 or at lsamp@calstatela.edu. The co-coordinators of CSU-LSAMP @ Cal State LA are Dr. Katrina Yamazaki and Dr. Andre Ellis.



Important Deadlines


The Early Registration Request deadline for Fall Semester, 2019 will be  approaching soon! The deadline to submit the necessary documents to be eligible for early registration is March 6, 2019. Unless you have qualified for early registration for Fall Semester, 2019 already, students must complete 3 seminar evaluations before the Request deadline. Make sure that you have submitted the 3 seminar evaluations to the LSAMP office (ASCR 360) within two hours after each seminar has ended. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have already qualified for early registration, contact the LSAMP Office. Also if you are not a new freshman at Cal State LA in Spring, 2019 you need to provide a copy of your Fall Semester, 2018 grades and Summer Term, 2018 grades (if you enrolled in summer classes). Everyone must provide a copy of your Spring Semester, 2019 class list. These items should be submitted or emailed (lsamp@calstatela.edu) to the LSAMP Office in addition to providing documentation of participation in at least one LSAMP activity during the prior academic term (Fall or summer, 2018) with the early registration form located on the LSAMP website under the “Undergraduate Forms” tab before the deadline.

Event Spotlights


Are you interested in obtaining STEM research experience? If so, join the LSAMP Undergraduate Research Training Program TODAY! The program will meet regularly during Fall 2018 to go over the basics of asking scientific questions, proposal design and oral and poster presentation skills. Beginning Spring 2019, students will be placed in research labs at Cal State LA to gain the necessary hands on research training needed to be a successful researcher. If you would like to participate, please email the LSAMP office (lsamp@calstatela.edu) and enroll in the program.

LSAMP Bridge to Doctorate Program

The National Science Foundation funded, LSAMP - Bridge to Doctorate Program  is currently in Cohort 14 and Cohort 15. Please check back in Spring 2020 for future programs and applications.






CSU-LSAMP is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant # HRD-1302873 (# HRD-1826490 effective 9/1/2018) and the CSU Office of the Chancellor. Cal State LA College of Natural and Social Sciences and College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology also have significantly contributed to the support of CSU-LSAMP @ Cal State LA.

CSU LSAMP-BD is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant #s HRD-1246662 (cohort X), HRD-1363399 (cohort XI), HRD-1463889 (cohort XII), HRD-1602210 (cohort XIII), HRD-1700556 (cohort XIV) and HRD-1807387 (cohort XV).