CSET Waiver (Subject Matter Waiver)

Subject Matter Waiver Programs for Math Teachers: Full math waiver & Foundational level math (FLM) waiver

To become a math teacher, you need a BA/BS degree (with subject matter competency as required for teachers) and a teaching credential. To show subject matter competency, you can either 1) pass the CSET, OR 2) complete a degree program that has the CSET waiver (i.e., the subject matter waiver) embedded in it, OR 3) just complete the list of waiver courses. All waiver courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

For descriptions of the subject matter waiver programs we offer and the lists of courses, see our Full and Foundational Level Math Subject Matter Waivers

Do I have all the courses to apply for a CSET waiver?

If you graduated in our option I (Applied) or II (General), you can complete the missing courses from the waiver you want (see above waiver link) and apply for a CSET waiver.

Note that option III (Integrated Teaching) and option IV (Traditional Teaching) graduates complete all the courses for a Full CSET waiver, as all waiver courses are embedded in their major and option-specific courses.

Must I apply for a CSET waiver evaluation?

Yes, all waiver applicants need to still apply for waiver (see process below) AFTER they complete all waiver courses. [EXEMPTION: OPTION III students can apply for waiver (and do student teaching) with one waiver course pending].

Who can apply for a math CSET waiver evaluation at Cal State LA?

Per dept. policy, students can apply for CSET waiver evaluation as long as they fall in one of the 2 categories below:

(a) enrolled in Cal State LA math credential program AND completed math courses at a CSU campus without a waiver program,

(b) graduated from our campus with a B.A. or B.S in Math. 

The process for requesting a CSET waiver evaluation [CAUTION: First make sure you fall in one of the category (a) or (b) above]
You may scroll to the bottom right hand side of the page and there you will find the Subject Matter Waiver Program Instructions for reference. 
STEP II In addition, you may submit your payment for the evaluation online through Cash Net - https://commerce.cashnet.com/csulapay 
Feel free to modify the amount on the CCOE option. [EXEMPTION: Present CCOE math credential students do NOT need to pay]
STEP III Once you have completed the subject matter waiver fee form and submitted your online payment, you may scan and email both the form and verification of payment to math credential advisor Dr. Raychaudhuri for an evaluation ([email protected]) with cc to Edith Torres at CCOE ([email protected]). Depending on your required course completion status, you may get a "Completed" or "Incomplete" waiver. If you get an "incomplete" waiver, you need to complete the courses and email Dr. Raychaudhuri so your waiver is updated to a "Completed".
              Note that while math dept. does the formal waiver evaluation, CCOE writes the formal waiver letter.